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The Weekly poll is a poll every Saturday asking the community what they think about fallout from guns to characters and music to DLC it’s all in the poll! Also got any ideas? Tell me on my talk page.

♫ Good morning starshine, Yes-Man says hello. And welcome to the Weekly Saturday Poll

Thank you, thank you very much. For our next number, I'm going to prattle on about stuff you probably already know. I'm your host, Yes-Man, though you probably knew that. And in case you were wondering, this is a community poll where you vote on your preferred choice in whatever it is I've been asked to showcase. Anyway, you probably want to know what's going on in my life this week. Ehh... not much, to be honest. So, I'll just resort to telling you that my favourite Disney movie is Hercules. Yes, I still watch Disney movies. And if you deny watching them then you're clearly a liar. Hell, even Adolf Hitler's favourite movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and that is not a joke. It's natural - people love Disney. So tell me your favourite Disney film in the comments. Go on!

Last Week's Results

Last week was sort of a jumble, due to my poor planning. I apologise for that. We were asked Where should Fallout 4 take place and came up with quite a few different locations.

The results are as follows:


  • In third place was Asia with 22 votes. I was going to make an "high-expectations father" joke here but restrained in fear it was borderline racism.
  • Coming in second place Europe with 136 votes. Not very wunderbar (best word in the history of words; thank you Germany).
  • And in first place was, surprise surprise, North America with 334 votes. God Bless the U.S.A.


  • In third place was Canada, eh, with 48 votes. Although who wouldn't want to see mutant moose?
  • In second place was the United Kingdom, with 72 votes. We are not amused.
  • And coming in first, once again, is the United States with 263 votes. Yeehaw pardner!


  • In third place was London with 60 votes. Jolly good ol' chap.
  • The Other option came in second with 96 votes. Although I won't list all the suggestions, the majority of them were United States cities.], so bear that in mind.
  • Coming in first was New York City with an impressive 157 votes. Bethesda, if by any chance you're reading this, I ask one thing of you... Mutant George Costanza. Please.

So if we can take anything away from the experience, it would be that the majority of Nukapedia residents want to see New York City as the setting for the next Fallout (myself included). Fingers crossed, boys and girls.

Onto the polls, which is what you come here for, I've had another influx of suggestions. This one stood out to me, coming from our pal Stars and Stripes Forever. I'd like to thank this lovely gentleman for partly keeping the polls alive with his great suggestions - without him you'd be at the mercy of my lame ideas that I make up on the spot Saturday mornings when I'm half asleep anyway. Anyway, I'm babbling, so let's do this. Drumroll please...

Poll:What is your favourite radio station

But wait, there's more! This suggestion comes from Sgt. Collins, who supposedly likes beverages. And who can blame him, without them we'd be thirsty all the time and that would totally suck. Anyway, here are the nominees...

IMPORTANT NOTE: Believe it or not, I'm not a mind reader. I've noticed a few people asking why I didn't add Vodka to the list. I only include the suggestions I've been given by whoever thought of this week's poll. In this case, they didn't include Vodka in their suggestion. Please don't keep asking me to add Vodka to the poll because it's too late, and also because you're giving Mara a headache, and we wouldn't want that. So, to reiterate, please vote "Other" if you so badly want Vodka, but don't go asking me to change the polls. Thanks.
What is your favourite Fallout beverage?

The poll was created at 23:00 on June 29, 2012, and so far 583 people voted.

So that's it folks. Tell us what your favourite radio station is, and also your beverage of choice in the Wasteland. Perhaps you drink it while listening to the radio, perhaps not.

That's all for this week's edition of the Weekly Saturday Polls. Tune in next week to see how this cliffhanger is resolved. Now for all you Poll-junkies, I'm going to prattle on to prolong this for ya'll.
Turns out the Polls have fans. So by extension, I have fans. Weird... so long as nobody tries to cut off my hair and do voodoo on it, I'm fine with that.
In terms of the Wiki, I'm aware that Kast recently celebrated his one year anniversary as an administrator at the Fallout Wiki. Kast is a great guy, fellas, and one of the first admins I met on this Wiki back when I was a rather hopeless newbie. Though I feel I let the guy down, along with other community members, when I had that outburst in the forums a while back. Sorry about that, everyone; still feel bad about it.
For those of you who didn't know, that's right, Ol' Yessie was quite active back in the day. I was making pages, reverting vandalism, participating in debates and proposing rules. It was fun for a while but as George Harrison can tell you, all things must pass. So I guess my glory days on this Wiki have died a rather painful, and in my opinion untimely, death. But you don't want to listen to my self pity.

Until next week, have fun everyone. If you have any crazy ideas for a fun poll, just tell me about it on my talk page, or catch me in chat. I'll be here every Saturday so be patient!

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