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The Weekly poll is a poll every Saturday asking the community what they think about fallout from guns to characters and music to DLC it’s all in the poll! Also got any ideas? Tell me on my talk page.

I'm running out of clever ways to introduce the Weekly Saturday Polls... so this will suffice.

In case you've been living under a rock the past six weeks, I'm obliged to remind ya'll that I'm Yes-Man, with a hyphen for added flair. Not much has happened since last week. I hear the Queen has turned a million years old or something. They should put her in a museum... anyway. I'd like to congratulate Relics for graduation from the NUN. Any of you newer editors who want to learn the ropes around the Wiki should sign up. Both of the project's graduates have gone on to receive Patroller and Rollback rights! Who knows, you might even be paired with yours truly. If anyone is interested, leave a message for Agent c or sign up on the New User Network link I posted above. We're always looking for new recruits (so long as you're committed to editing!)

Last Week's Results

But you don't come here to listen to me ramble... do you? Last week I spoiled you with two polls AND I altered the original poll to include Winterised T51-b after popular demand (which might I add only got five votes). For the first poll, you were asked the question What is your choice in Power Armour?

The results are as follows:

  • In third place was Gannon Family Telsa/Power Armour with fifteen votes. Telsa, Power... potato, tomato (or whatever the hell they say).
  • A close second was T45-d Power Armour with 18 votes. Or as the Super Mutants like to call them, canned dinner.
  • And in first place we have the iconic T51-b Power Armour, with 38 votes. Seems like our community prefers strength over style... I prefer the opposite.

For the second poll, we were asked What's your favourite New Vegas Perk?. Again with the results...

  • In third place was Strong Back with seven votes. I would personally love to carry loads of extremely heavy crap on my back with the slightest of ease.
  • Coming in second we had Bloody Mess with 16 votes. I used to giggle evilly whenever someone blew into pieces, but after a while it got old.
  • And in first place came Jury Rigging, which made it no competition with 124 votes. I suppose it would be helpful in real life... Playstation breaks, so just grab your old gameboy and cram them together.

This week I've decided to try something different and think with my funny bone (not literally, I think with my brain... sometimes). Not only will we have a double poll like the last few weeks, but we're also going to have a humorous poll. If you're one of those players who think Fallout is srs bizness then please don't leave me comments about how the poll is dumb or anything, this is just meant to be a bit of light hearted fun.

This question comes from an anonymous user who I regret to inform that I've forgotten their IP, so I won't pointlessly link you to their contributions like usual. In the Wasteland, we've seen some of the most horrific and ugly beasts that could ever walk the face of the Earth. Like Jericho, for example. But there's a little bit of beauty behind all those benign grows and scales. Tell me what you think... drumroll please...

Poll:Which creature will be crowned the Wasteland Beauty Queen

There you have it folks. Which creature will be crowned this year's Wasteland Beauty Queen? Personally I'm going to have to cast my vote for the Feral Ghoul. It's still not half as bad as Sarah Jessica-Parker, am I right? I'm right...

But wait! There's more! SaintPain and I developed an idea to ask you what the most wacky Fallout weapon is, from this list of badly thought out weapons that I'm just going to make up off the top of my head. Let's hear the nominees...

  • Roachscalibur - A dangerous weapon that consists of a bloodthirsty radroach strapped to a stick.
  • Molerat-Launcher - Fire a rabid molerat at your enemies with this deadly launcher.
  • Spray bottle of FEV - Because who doesn't want to squirt some in people's faces?
  • Sticky - Just take this annoying kid with you wherever you go to deter any potential threats.
  • The Suicidinator - Consists of a Mini-Nuke and a hammer. You figure out what comes next.

So, tell me what you think is the most ridiculous weapon on that list. Or better yet, suggest your own! I'll include my favourite suggestions in next week's poll (Oohhh, great honour -_-)

Tell us your favourite ridiculous weapon

The poll was created at 02:07 on June 9, 2012, and so far 356 people voted.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemutants. Not only do we have this year's annual Wasteland Beauty Pageant hosted at Nukapedia, but we're also hoping to hear your great new ideas for a hilariously worthless weapon. Reminder, DO NOT take this poll seriously. I don't particularly want to hear in the comments about how you can't comprehend why anyone would find a Deathclaw attractive or how the ingenious Suicidinator would be, well, suicide. Because this is supposed to be funny. Vote, don't think! You do it all the time on election day!

That concludes this week's poll. Next week is the last of suggestions for a while, because I've hardly had a chance to circulate any of my own ideas. You can still leave me some, just don't expect them to appear any time soon. To tide you over for your weekly Yes-Man fix, I'm just going to ramble on a bit until I run out of things to say. First off, I'm going to feature in Tocinoman's second edition of The Divide, so tune in to see your favourite egotistical robot duke it out to debate this week's topic.
Also, take a look at the X-Com Wiki. The link is on Agent C's Weekly News Digest, but I'm too damn lazy to post it here. Basically it's the Wiki of our resident Bureaucrat and numero uno editor Jspoelstra, and with the upcoming release of the new X-Com title I'm sure he'd love some help around the place. If you're an avid fan or just a regular player, don't be shy to head on down and check it out!

Until next week, have fun everyone. If you have any crazy ideas for a fun poll, just tell me about it on my talk page, or catch me in chat. I'll be here every Saturday so be patient!

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