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The Weekly poll is a poll every Saturday asking the community what they think about fallout from guns to characters and music to DLC it’s all in the poll! Also got any ideas? Tell me on my talk page.

Greetings and salutations to all you ghouls and smoothskins alike, and welcome to the Weekly Saturday Polls! Now comes in braille edition (not really).

I'm your host, Yes-Man, identical twin brother of Yes Man, but with an added hyphen (because it's more fabulous). You know, typing up the name for the blog post today, I was reminded of how horridly boring the actual poll name is. "Weekly Saturday Poll"... there's no flair. Granted, I only chose that name because it was a temporary fill-in for the Mystery Polls which went on a week's break, so I wasn't really thinking to impress anyone with an awesome poll name. Now that they've become permanent, I was thinking it's time for a change. What do you say, community? Leave me a comment with your best poll name idea and perhaps I'll adopt it for use in the future.

Last Week's Results

Moving on, let's look at last week's poll. Two more questions, the first of which consisted of Which of the following characters did you have the most difficulty killing? Some people voted for physical difficulty, others voted for moral difficulty, and some were entirely confused...

The results are as follows:

  • In third place, with 13 votes is Lee Oliver. We're pissing on the bear, and then strangling it too.
  • Coming in second we have Mister House with 24 votes. Killing a two hundred year old man incapable of movement who begins to die when coming into contact with oxygen has never been so hard.
  • And the man we all hate to hate is Legate Lanius, with 51 votes. I'm sure many a Courier has been nailed to a cross, facing West while they watch their world burn.

The second poll asked the question What is your favourite insect-type enemy? Results are as follows:

  • Crawling into third place were Radscorpions with 107 votes. Cute and cuddly - just watch out for the stinger.
  • Buzzing into second place were Cazadors with 130 votes. If it weren't for the horrible, debilitating poison, I'm sure these guys would be quite lovely.
  • And scuttling into first we have Radroaches with 195 votes. A mixture of Steve from Alchestbreach and the fact that they die if you so much as look at them ensured victory early on.

We're doing the ol' double poll routine again. I've decided to adopt this as standard format, regardless of how many suggestions I do or do not have, because I get almost five times as many voters on the small grey polls than I do on the big green ones.
Our first question was suggested by The Malpais Legate. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Favourite antagonist? But we've already done this a million times!" True, it is a common poll... however, this time I've included every major antagonist in the series. Where in the past it's mostly just the main villains, I've taken it one step further and given you the choice between every sadistic or otherwise cruel bastard that ever roamed the Wastes and beyond. Drumroll please...

Poll:Who is your favourite Fallout series antagonist

I included "other" on the off chance that someone thinks of some obscure or random villain that I didn't know existed, so... yeah. Anyway, the second poll comes from NuclearHolocaust, who must have a fetish for heavy weapons. I find them cumbersome and unsightly, personally, but regardless. Some folk just like to obliterate their foes to Kingdom Come.
Smaller, less dramatic drumroll please...

What is your favourite Fallout series Heavy Weapon?

The poll was created at 00:01 on August 4, 2012, and so far 526 people voted.

And like last week and the week before that, I'm opting to include a little question at the end. MJ567, our patriotic friend, was musing the greatest threat of the Fallout World - Communism. Yes, the Great War was waged between Communist China and the United States over oil. So he asked me to include a few questions that you may want to debate.
What country would the West most likely go to War with in the Fallout Universe?
And also:
Which communist regime of the Fallout world is the most dastardly?
Please note, these only refer to the Fallout Universe. I'm under the impression that the suggestion I was given referred to the real world, but I want to keep this related to Fallout for two reasons - this is a Fallout poll, and also we don't really want to go naming and shaming any countries.

So that's that, ladies and gentlemutants! Three questions - Your favourite Fallout antagonist, preferred heavy weapon, and the biggest outside threat to the Wasteland. Maybe you like Lanius for his menacing armour and ruthless methods? Perhaps you're more of a Lou Tenant fan, who melts at the sound of Tony Jay's voice? Or maybe you find Calvert the killer brain somewhat sinister. Your choice, folks.

That's it for the polls this week. As usual, this is the portion where I talk about unrelated things, so keep that in mind. What first? Ah, the prodigal son Leon has returned for a brief two weeks or so before he ships off to the Navy. This is the last chance you'll get to see him for another six years or longer, so make sure to wish him luck. This is how the next six years play out in my mind, when our pal Garoux meets up with the love of his life. If only real life was as romantic as movies, eh?
What else... hmmm... well, not really much going on in my life at the moment. End of the year draws near, and it's hard to believe that eight months has already passed. I'd talk about how life is short, but frankly it's the longest thing we ever do, so that point is moot. But it makes you stop and think - all those days where you just drifted along, not really doing anything; you're never getting those back. I suppose we should really stop taking every day for granted, but again, life isn't as interesting as Hollywood makes us think it should be.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go chill out to some Paul Kelly.

Until next week, have fun everyone. If you have any crazy ideas for a fun poll, just tell me about it on my talk page, or catch me in chat. I'll be here every Saturday so be patient!

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