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The Weekly poll is a poll every Saturday asking the community what they think about fallout from guns to characters and music to DLC it’s all in the poll! Also got any ideas? Tell me on my talk page.

Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that this is the final edition of the Weekly Saturday Polls... Just kidding! Admit it, you were scared for a second there!

I'm your host, Yes-Man, though most folk just call me Yessie. What's going on in the world today? Well, the Olympics have officially started, for one. Personally I'm not one for sports. I even suck at sport video games, let alone the actual activity. Although that doesn't mean that I don't want Australia to bring home a few gold medals from London; always nice when we win something for once (I'm looking at you, Australian Cricket Team). Any of you ladies or gentlemen following the Olympics? Perhaps you play a sport yourself? If there's any sports fans in the crowd, feel free to leave us a comment about it.

Last Week's Results

Anyhow, you're here for the polls, not my Olympic reviews. Last week we were given two more somewhat macabre questions, the first of which exercised the Thanatos in all of us (you Freudian fanatics should know that one). We were asked the question Which annoying Fallout character would you most like to put a bullet in?

The results are as follows:

  • The third most likely to take a dirt nap was Oliver Swanick with nineteen votes. Ironic that he survives the Legion lottery, but more often than not is killed minutes later.
  • In joint second place are the equally obnoxious Moira Brown and Sticky, each with 20 votes. What's the bet that Sticky is Moira's long-lost annoying son?
  • And with the biggest bullseye on his back was Mayor MacCready with an impressive 57 votes. That kid is clearly pro-choice political commentary...

The second poll asked Which enemies do you enjoy fighting the most? The results are as follows...

  • In third place were Deathclaws, with fifty-one voters. Clearly they're either trying to impress a Wasteland beauty, or are plain suicidal - I for one avoid Deathclaws at any cost.
  • Coming in second place are Super Mutants with 123 votes. When I first ran into one of these guys in the Subways of Fallout 3, I crossed my heart and expected the worst...
  • And in first place are Raiders with 227 votes. Should it be concerning that the only human enemies won the poll...?

Standard double-poll this week. I find that I get more voters on the small grey polls than the big green ones. I deeply apologise to anyone who is unable to vote on the large polls.
The first question comes from anonymous user, who asks a rather interesting question. In the Fallout series, you meet a lot of characters. Some of them you'll end up killing. It's not always easy - there are physically strong characters, and there are characters who you'd rather not kill. Which of these fits those characteristics? Drumroll please...

Poll:Which of the following characters did you have the most difficulty killing

The next poll is from WrightEveryTime, who I'm going to refer to as an entomologist because is sounds impressive (the user is not an entomologist, just making that clear). Anyway, our entomologist friend wants to know which insect you like the most.
And the nominees are...

What is your favourite insect-type enemy?

The poll was created at 23:56 on July 27, 2012, and so far 537 people voted.

And as one last little question, which you can answer in the comments, NuclearHolocaust has a question which some of you may like to debate. He wants to know:
Do you think the U.S. military of this universe and time period could beat the U.S. Military of 2077?
Pit the current American army of our world against the American army of pre-War Fallout. Who would win? And why? Give us a comment explaining your view. Please keep it civil.

So there you have it folks! Three questions - Who you had difficulty killing, which insect you like the most, and which American army would win. Perhaps you were a strong Brotherhood supporter and couldn't morally bring yourself to killing McNamara. Or perhaps you went head-to-head with Lanius wielding nothing but a bumper sword, and struggled to prove you were the better warrior. You tell us!

That's all for this week's edition of the Weekly Saturday Polls. You can stick around and listen to my pointless drivel, or you can leave a comment and be on your way. You're not missing out on much...
First off, faithful reader, thank you for your interesting and comprehensive answer to last week's additional question. Although some people were skeptical, I thought you'd done a rather good job. Also thank you to MJ567 who answered the question comprehensively. You can thank these guys for my decision to bring back the additional "no-poll" questions.
You may or may not know this, but myself and some other users have been selected for Agent c's competition idea "Fallout: The Apprentice". Basically, we have to create a dungeon that could fit into Fallout 2. It follows your typical reality-TV rules where judges decide who made the best and worst dungeon, the winner gets immunity for next week, the loser gets eliminated, and we all have a lot of fun. If you were interested in my creation, you can see it here. Be nice, I've never played Fallout 2.

Until next week, have fun everyone. If you have any crazy ideas for a fun poll, just tell me about it on my talk page, or catch me in chat. I'll be here every Saturday so be patient!

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