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The Weekly poll is a poll every Saturday asking the community what they think about fallout from guns to characters and music to DLC it’s all in the poll! Also got any ideas? Tell me on my talk page.

Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar Weekly Saturday Poll, you're gonna go far. You're gonna fly high, you're never gonna die...

That was Pink Floyd, and this is Yes-Man. So, welcome to this week's edition of the polls, and let's get on with it! Not much has been going on in my life recently. Just the same old, mundane cycle. Going through the motions, I suppose. Which makes me think... does anyone believe in fate? That the moment you're born, your life is planned out before you? I sort of believe in it, but not in the way most people interpret fate. The way I see it, there are no second chances in life. Everything that you do, there's no way of turning back time and trying it again. In a way, that's fate... that's how things played out and you can't change it. So, as far as I'm concerned, fate isn't something that happens in the future; It's something that happened in the past.

Last Week's Results

Heh, sorry. I'm probably boring ya'll with my pseudo-philospohy, eh? On to last week's results. We were asked two questions, the first of which was What is your favourite radio station?

The results are as follows:

  • In third place, with fifteen votes, was Mojave Music Radio. Not enough Big Iron for my liking, personally.
  • In second place was Radio New Vegas with 26 votes. And might I say, it took second place with, quote, Amazing Grace. (Anyone get the joke?)
  • Time for a public service announcement kids! In first place was Galaxy News Radio with a mighty 79 votes. And now, some music...

Two more polls for you this weeks, ladies and gentleghouls. Please note, I got a lot of suggestions recently and I haven't been able to organise them, so I'm just going to choose the last two I remember. Sorry for those of you who were waiting on your suggestion to be chosen, things will be back on track next week.
The first poll is one I was rather fond of. It comes from The Nuclear King. There are a few different locations to explore throughout New Vegas, each with a unique and interesting appeal to them. But which one is the best? Drumroll please...

Poll:Favourite Fallout: New Vegas location

And keeping in tradition, a second poll. This comes from our anonymous (and might I add, polite) friend When every new player wakes up in Goodsprings, of course they're going to have to learn the basics somehow. And who better to learn them from than the residents of Goodsprings themselves? Here we go...

NOTE: Chad is Chet. Sorry, spelling mistake...
Favourite Fallout: New Vegas Goodsprings/Tutorial character?

The poll was created at 01:13 on July 7, 2012, and so far 537 people voted.

And in the words of Mole Butt Mitchell, that's all she wrote. Tell us your favourite Fallout: New Vegas location, and your favourite Fallout: New Vegas Goodsprings character (whom also acts as a tutorial).

So, that's all. I'll do my usual routine of mindless babbling which you all seem to love so much, but if you don't, feel free to stop reading. Lemme see... well, according to the comments, the two favourite Disney films were Aladdin and the Lion King. Both good, although I like Lion King more... Scar rocks.
Wiki-wise, Ghost's bureaucrat application ends today. As I write this, no verdict has been made, but let's be honest - he's going to pass. Let's all congratulate him, be it on Ghost's talk page (not all at once, mind you... edit conflicts and whatnot) or in the comments below. Hip hip, hooray! For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow...

Until next week, have fun everyone. If you have any crazy ideas for a fun poll, just tell me about it on my talk page, or catch me in chat. I'll be here every Saturday so be patient!

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