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Don't get many visitors down here these days. Well... not living ones, anyhow.— Gunk

The Golgotha Catacombs are a series of burial tunnels beneath Golgotha. They house the many long-dead victims of the Mordino family and those who made the wrong impression on the wrong people in New Reno.

A lonely yet somewhat deranged ghoul who goes by the name of Gunk acts as the custodian of the Catacombs, describing his job as "Cleaning up after the vultures" when corpses are left at Golgotha. Gunk is accompanied by his assistant Carlyle whom, much to the Chosen One's concern, is in fact a long dead human skeleton.


The Golgotha Catacombs house the rotted corpses that the mob families of New Reno leave at Golgotha. The Catacombs lie under the graveyard, and consist of long, winding tunnels with inbuilt tombs where the rotting bodies sit. The custodian of the Catacombs, Gunk, notes that the tunnels existed for as long as he can remember, and that he "can't even remember that far back".

Due to the amount of corpses festering below the graveyard, the Catacombs have recently been infested by rats, making the job of storing bodies a lot more difficult for Gunk. However, that's not the only threat, for not all the corpses stored away are entirely dead - in some of the tunnels wander insane ghouls that were presumed dead and dragged off to their tombs, only to regain consciousness and find themselves lost in the darkness, searching frantically for a way out.


Subterranean Golgotha

Yes-Man Subterra

Golgotha Subterranean

The first level of the tombs is reached from Golgotha. Upon entering, the Chosen One will encounter Gunk, who has set up a makeshift camp due to the rat infestation. He will introduce himself and Carlyle before asking the Chosen One to help him exterminate the rats, prompting the quest "Help Gunk clear out the rat infestation". A few rats roam deeper in towards the entrance to the Catacombs, but should pose little threat to the player.


Yes-Man Catacombs


The catacombs are where Gunk stores the rotted corpses of Golgotha, which is now home to hungry rats. The map is similar to a long, twisting labyrinth, which is easy to get lost in. Almost all the paths will lead to a dead end with the exception of two paths which lead to Gunk's dive and the Abattoirs. The maze can be navigated easier if the Chosen One receives an tip detailing the marks and clues left by Gunk in the chance that he gets lost. These clues act as a puzzle to lead the player to the Abbatoir - alternate paths will most likely lead to crazed ghouls.


Yes-Man abattoir

The Abattoirs

The Abbatoir houses a large amount of rats which the player must defeat in order to complete the quest for Gunk. The rooms themselves consist of the corpses that Gunk has not found a place for. According to dialogue with Gunk, this is also where he "met" Carlyle. The Chosen One will notice how some of the corpses don't have ears, a joke referring to the Bishop's number one boxer, Masticator. Once the rats have been exterminated, this is where Gunk will spend the majority of his time if you choose to return later.

Gunk's dive

Yes-Man GunkDive

Gunk's home

Gunk's dive is supposedly where Gunk lives. There is little to see here, other than to get a better insight into Gunk's life. Visually it's a small, depressing room. The player can find Gunk's diary under his bed, which mentions his "friend" Carlyle who "hasn't spoken much since he was moved out of the Abattoir". It also notes Gunk's secret stash which if read will make a stash of two jets, 300 caps, and a revolver appear in the corner of the abattoirs.


  • When examining some of the corpses found in the Abattoirs, the Chosen One will mention their unusual lack of one ear. This leads to the assumption that they were victims of Mike the Masticator before death.
  • For a character who is not yet a Made Man, Prizefighter, or lacks the Charisma to become a Porn Star, a pass to the Golden Globes studios can be procured in the Catacombs.
  • If Gunk has moved into the Abattoir by the time the player has read his journal and catches the player steal his stash, he will turn hostile.


The Golgotha Catacombs appear only in Fallout 2.