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  • Yes-Man

    For Poll'd Time's Sake

    January 17, 2014 by Yes-Man

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    This is the Weekly Saturday Polls, coming to you taped from my fortified bunker in the middle of the DC Hell-hole. Ain't life grand?

    My name is Yes-Man and I will be your waiter for the evening. To answer the questions that you all doubtless have, no, it's not Saturday yet and no this isn't a weekly occurrence. I was just too lazy to update the banner for a one-off poll. As for your other questions, yes, I am this naturally beautiful, and this poll is just my attempt at passing the time on this lazy afternoon before I have to drag myself off to work the late shift this evening (oh joyous of days

    Also I expect you to at least tip well.
    So as per tradition, here's where I ask one of those…

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  • Yes-Man

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    Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt your regular scheduled broadcast to bring you the Weekly Saturday Polls!

    I used to be your host, Yes-Man, but you can just call me Yessie. And with all the new faces in the crowd, I'm sure a lot of you have no idea who I am! It sure has been a while since I've updated the Weekly Polls; almost four months now. A lot has changed since I've been gone... new people have come, old ones have gone. We gained a few administrators and lost one too. And some of us have new names! (Looking at you, Siggy)
    I apologise to all the poll fans whom I left hanging when I went on holiday, but life has a way of getting really busy really fast and the stress of everything …

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  • Yes-Man

    New Vegas and New Reno.
    They go hand-in-hand, right? The bright casino lights on the surface hiding the dark underbelly below; the families all vying for monopoly over the unsuspecting Wastelander's greed. So naturally, if there's anywhere the Courier would feel at home, its right in Reno.

    And judging by dialogue revealed throughout Fallout: New Vegas, its a place the Courier has called home - both according to Ulysses himself, and revealed through dialogue with Tops performer Bruce Isaac. Hell, its even in Nevada... I could go on. The point I'm trying to get at: There's no better place for a Fallout: New Vegas expansion than the biggest little city in the world itself, New Reno.

    I mean, let's think for a second. There are already plenty of reus…

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  • Yes-Man

    Saturday Poll - 19

    September 8, 2012 by Yes-Man

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    Good morning, afternoon, evening, night or other, and welcome to the Weekly Saturday Polls!

    My name is Yessie, and I'll be your waiter this evening. Actually, that reminds me of a conversation I was having with a friend the other day. He recently went to a rather upscale restaurant; you know, the ones where they give you a giant plate but only a cubic centimetre's worth of food. Sparing the details, he payed quite a bit that evening... I don't terribly understand the whole fancy restaurant deal. I mean, you can buy a whole meal at some crappy fast food joint like McDonalds for a few bucks and you'll receive a ton more food than if you'd emptied your savings account for some piece of ra…

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  • Yes-Man

    Saturday Poll - 18

    September 1, 2012 by Yes-Man

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    Hello, ladies and gentleghouls, and welcome to the Weekly Saturday Polls!

    My name is Yes-Man, and I wash ma bown. I seriously don't know what that means, but I find it hilarious so what the hell. Sorry that the poll was updated a bit late today, I was busy. Hey, guys, you know TOWR? Well, he graciously made us a lovely userbox for all of you users that have ever suggested a poll idea. If you fall into this category, then add this to your page:

    There's no wrong answer there, ladies and gents. Oh, also, Maxibillion gave me the idea to design a mascot for the Neo-Enclave whatchamacallit, but instead of doing all the work myself, I figured that I'd let my loyal fans exercise their creativi…

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