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    Yakov's Fallout 4

    October 30, 2011 by YakovFrolov

    Fallout 4. A game yet to be developed… A game belonging to a company that never cared about it. Well. What if suddenly Obsidian – the true Fallout people – had the right to make another game, but this time with less supervisory and more freedom. Well, this is fairly what I think Fallout should look like – as if Black Isle continued to live and build the wonderful franchise without turning mainstream.

    You are a true descendant of the Chosen One, dubbed the Runner. Despite that it is unknown where you have been born, life had somehow made you end up in Arroyo, a major settlement to the North. NCR, a humongous faction with a trained military force and lots of resources, had now turned into a greedy, violent government only giving the good seed…

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    Hello, Vault!

    Welcome to my blog post.

    "War. War never changes." Well, guess what? Turns it does. War changes in Fallout. Ron Perlman proved himself wrong ever since he joined Bethesda's project.

    Now, to business. I decided to write a few short (I hope :) blogs comparing one of the most badass features of Fallout - combat - in both Interplay and Gamebryo games. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below.

    We will go over the main games of the series (that is, 1, 2, 3 and New Vegas) and not touch spin-offs for obvious reasons.

    I'm sure that 98% of the people that have played Fallout saw the difference between the games, not only the visuals but the combat presented. While the first two games had turn-based combat, the latest two were …

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    Here's another batch, this time more positive than the last.

    [1], 3.5/5. SFX, 360.

    "Overall , the storyline in Dead Money is well done and features a few plot twists to keep things rather interesting through the entire quest. However, after completing Dead Money, there’s not much replay value so you might consider this a one and done once you complete the campaign and the achievements. For those of you who can’t get enough Fallout like myself, then Dead Money is a must download. For everyone else, you might want to wait on that “Deal of the Week” sale down the road."

    [2], 6/10. We Got This Covered.

    "All in all though, Dead Money was not very fun. The story was good, especially at the end when it all comes together, but the sneaking around, the…

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    Reviews of the first Fallout: New Vegas downloadable content continue to pop up and the general consensus seems to be towards "disappointing and buggy".

    [1], 6.0/10.

    We just don’t understand the point of releasing this kind of DLC for this kind of game – other than milking more revenue out of fans and putting people off the idea of trading their copy in once the main game is done. Fallout: New Vegas is a game set in a huge, detailed world with dozens of cleverly interwoven quests and a real sense of freedom and meaningful choices throughout. Dead Money is none of that.
    Instead, Dead Money is a standalone, linear series of quests set across a few bland, samey maze-like environments, with very little in the way of freedom, choice or fu… Read more >
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    Russian magazine "PС Igry" (PC Games) previews Fallout New Vegas. Preview is badly written, but still there are some bits of new information:

    • There is a skill "Survival" (equivalent of "Outdoorsman" in Fallout and Fallout 2) that determines how many HP will be recovered from eating and drinking. Also, it allows you to cook at the campfire.
    • Small Guns and Big Guns skills are merged into Firearms. However, Energy Weapons remains separate.
    • Regular geckos run like penguins and are easy to kill. There are some new pictures also: rough black and white armor sketches and one more helmet sketch (one part of it has already been posted in PC Gamer preview). There's also a new picture of Dinky the Dinosaur, with a Poseidon Energy sign next to it.
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