This is what i have so far for my fanfic story,

Mojave Hunter A fallout story

Chapter 1. Introduction

John Gordon looked up from his bed in his small shack in primm. He frowned, He hated it here. Getting up from his musty old mattress he opened his footlocker at the end of his bed pulling out its three only contents. His old worn suit of leather armor, his service rifle, and some magazines of 5.56 full metal jacket.He sighed as he picked up the cracked hand mirror that was on his bed side dresser. He combed his hand through his messy blonde hair and started to get dressed. Outside of his shack he slinged his rifle on his back and walked to the nearby Vikki and Vance Casino for a early morning beer. Inside the casino John walked past the frayed fabric of the blackjack tables toward the bar. "Hey John, what will it be this fine moring?" said the bartender "Two beers and some grilled mantis" John replied as he dropped a few caps on the counter. After breakfast John walked out the door to start prospecting.

Chapter 2 Shootout at the Patrol Office

John headed in the direction of the NCRs Mojave Outpost. There was a old highway patrol office that he wanted to checkout. After quite a bit of walking he spotted a low building in the distance, John moved to the oppisite side of the road of the building, then hopped behind the rusty guard rail, crouching he made his closer to the building which he inferred was the patrol office and unslung his rifle, Moving steadliy closer but staying behind the guard rail, John stops when he notices three figures outside the office, John went to prone and observed the jackal gang, taking note of there weapons, positions and patterns. One figure was sitting on the ground by a destroyed car just outside the entrance probaly doing Jet, John noticed the baseball bat leaning against the car next to him. Then John shifted his gaze to another target, this one was pacing back and forth, obiovsely nervous, John could see the pistol in his hand. The last target was a girl, leaning up against the wall of the building, she was all decked out in some form of metal armor and had a lever-action slung on her back. John Decided that sniping the group from where he was would be the best opiton and readied his weapon, aiming at the punk on the ground with the Jet, there was a loud BANG! as John fired off a shot and the Jet-heads chest turned dark red. The other two Jackals stood still for a moment not fully understanding what just happened, this gave John the time to shift his aim and sqeeze off a few rounds at the second guy, who spun around from the impact of the round then droped dead. By that time the girl realized what was going on and duck behind one

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4: