• Xxfallout turkeyxx

    This is what i have so far for my fanfic story,

    Mojave Hunter A fallout story

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    John Gordon looked up from his bed in his small shack in primm. He frowned, He hated it here. Getting up from his musty old mattress he opened his footlocker at the end of his bed pulling out its three only contents. His old worn suit of leather armor, his service rifle, and some magazines of 5.56 full metal jacket.He sighed as he picked up the cracked hand mirror that was on his bed side dresser. He combed his hand through his messy blonde hair and started to get dressed. Outside of his shack he slinged his rifle on his back and walked to the nearby Vikki and Vance Casino for a early morning beer. Inside the casino John walked past the fraye…

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