Everything's in the title.

Jason Bergman just tweeted it.

Maybe they'll finally say something about Honest Hearts then?

Meanwhile, the PS3 patch is not available in Europe yet, and the PC patch is not available for the 1C/Cenega edition either.

EDIT: It seems the Xbox 360 patch is suffering from the same problem as the PS3 one - after updating, add-ons such as Dead Money or the Classic Pack may stop working, making you lose all your DLC-related loot or to be teleported to Goodsprings if you were at the Sierra Madre. This is caused by the main master file - FalloutNV.esm - being loaded after the master files for any installed add-ons. PC players can fix this issue by altering the load order of the master files, either through the use of tools like the Fallout Mod Manager or by editing ini files directly. For Console users, it seems the you have to reinstall your DLCs (or just try to reinstall them, according to Occam's Razor - " You will still get the message about the DLC missing but load up your save as your normally do and it should start with all your DLC intact. Reinstalling was the first thing I did but I ever went past the missing DLC message to see if the game still worked until now").

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