• Start normal Opening Title explaining factions and what's happening in the area

"War, war never changes" 'Begin Cutscene' First person view of PC walking along a forest trail. A pipe flies from off screen hitting the PC in the face the screen fades black. 'Begin Cutscene' Mysterious man is on top of a stage behind a podium with a red tattered curtain behind him and a crowd of well dressed men standing by the stage. He begins talking, "We have a fine specimen here today for you!" He holds up a picture and the character customization begins, once completed the curtain moves to the left and the PC is pushed out, the bidding begins and is completed in a short time with the PC being sold to a middle aged portly man. The PC is forced into the back of a brahmin cart and is wheeled away. At this time the PC has the opportunity to either view the path and scenery of the new game, or skip straight to the destination.

The PC arrives at a farm and is thrown out of the brahmin cart by large muscular guards. A doctor walks up and diagnosis you, (S.P.E.C.I.A.L customization begins) the doctor diagnosis you with amnesia. The guards tell the PC to retire to the slave house. The PC walks into the house and sees a man sitting in the corner speaking with a group of slaves. The man finishes talking and walks up to the PC and engages in dialogue, he tells the PC that a revolt is being planned soon against the owner. He asks the PC if they know how to work a gun, and the PC can either start a tutorial, or skip it, either way they are taken through a secret panel in the shack which brings you to a room full of low class in disrepair weapons. The man explains the revolt, and they walk back into the main shack. At this point a guard walks into the shack and tells the PC that the owner wants to see them. He escorts the PC into the large house and into an office where the owner is sitting with the radio playing on his desk and blues music playing. He cuts off the music looks at the PC and says, "Look here, I know the slaves are planning something and you're new, so they probably haven't brainwashed you yet. I give them a nice life, three meals a day, a roof over their heads and a bed to sleep in, and all I ask in return is that they work a little for me. I want you to listen to reason and realize that I'm the good guy here, now just tell me what they're planning." The PC gets a variety of choices to pick as a response, "They're planning a revolt against you." "They're planning a surprise party!" "I haven't been with them long enough to know." "I don't know what you're talking about." Depending on the PC's choice of dialogue they can either put down the revolt and gain their freedom, or they can participate in the revolt and become free.

After gaining their freedom and the karma that comes with it, the PC sets out to find out who they are, and who the mysterious man was that attacked them. The mysterious man turns out to be sort of like Benny, where the player can forgive him for just trying to make a living in this post-apocalyptic world, or kill him for their troubles.

After dealing with personal vengeance, the PC still doesn't know who they are, they search for their past life and are confronted by a robot who claims they know exactly who the PC is, and if they follow it they'll learn everything. After following the robot to a vault-tec vault, they are confronted by the 'President' of the SGC, who for his own protection is behind glass. He tells the PC about the ideals of the SGC to reestablish a unified government in the Gulf and Southeastern Commonwealth, he also tells the PC that their past job was an old farmhand, and says that he knows they're much more than that. He tells the PC that he wants them to eliminate the opposition and any impurities that could slow their goal, he then tells the PC to consider his offer and lets them free. At this point the PC can explore the world freely again, and see which faction they want to join.

The ending: Yeah, I'm having trouble coming up with a goal for everyone to go after, so I going with the worst idea ever, a stockpile of nukes that everyone's trying to get. Help me with moar ideas!

I have not come up with a time for the game. Some main factions I came up with: Rangers (similar to the NCR military) The Southern Government Continuation (SGC) similar to Enclave, but not genocidal against humans, only mutants, they have a robotic army, but are reclusive and tend to not interfere with Ranger and BoS battles. BoS (part of the outcast group from the D.C. BoS, they're currently in battle with the Rangers and are winning) The Reformers (people who don't want any of the above factions to 'win' and simply want to live like they were before the bombs dropped and just get along)

Some minor factions I came up with: Vigilantes (identical to regulators) Copperheads (identical to Talon Company) Plainfolk (people who still attempt to live a simple lifestyle basically Amish) Feel free to come up with more add a comment with your suggestion.

Companions: Catfish Steve: A man who used to fish for Gaint Catfish, he's a good shot, and teaches you how to build traps. Scribe Sasha: A BoS Scribe who is indifferent to mutants, and can fix your weaponry (a factioned Raul basically) DefenderBot 9001: A SGC companion who wants to continue the government, he has high DT, and advanced weaponry. ex-Ranger Fumble: Honorably discharged from the Rangers, this soldier is a superb shot with long range weaponry, and teaches you how to create homemade 'ammunition'. We need more non-faction related companions, so come up with suggestions for those also.

Enemies: Mutated Gators, Giant Catfish, Land Sharks, Swampfolk (You missed them admit it), Giant Snakes (not so big that they could just swallow you and be done with you), Cazaclaws (They fly South for the Winter), Giant Spiders, Can anyone come up with more?