aka Justin

  • I live in G-port
  • My occupation is Professional Professional
  • I am Male
  • Xplode441
    • Start normal Opening Title explaining factions and what's happening in the area

    "War, war never changes" 'Begin Cutscene' First person view of PC walking along a forest trail. A pipe flies from off screen hitting the PC in the face the screen fades black. 'Begin Cutscene' Mysterious man is on top of a stage behind a podium with a red tattered curtain behind him and a crowd of well dressed men standing by the stage. He begins talking, "We have a fine specimen here today for you!" He holds up a picture and the character customization begins, once completed the curtain moves to the left and the PC is pushed out, the bidding begins and is completed in a short time with the PC being sold to a middle aged portly man. The PC is forced into theā€¦

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