OK so I was thinking about how much I love reading about fallout and stuff and I was thinking why don't Bethesda and black isle and obsidian and interplay(yeah I know they are not all the best of friends but it is for the fans!) get together and create a magazine or why dont just the admins on this site do that I mean people would donate to it and they could put it on kickstarter and indiegogo to raise money and people would buy it and come on guys they would have fun doing it and there could be like a new page on the site for questions about it and stuff and well I am burnt out but I really want this so let's make this happen? Maybe? I hope so! go ahead and add whatever you think would be good for the magazine or simply if you even like the idea down below this post and thank you for reading this far have a great day and great life!

So, I was thinking let's throw the magazine idea out the window and make a book I know you will all point out the flaws but i think it is a good idea and I hope you do too!!