The Story

You have been selected to take a once in a life time opportunity to visit the mysterious area know as "The Misty Trail." Other than a letter sent by a man named Silver and the names of 4 other waste walkers, you know nothing about the quest. You decide to take up the quest for the possible wealth, power, and fame, but will you survive the trail?

Setting and Character

Setting: The area is an extremely rural, and mountainous, area in the ruins of the Appalachian Mountains. The area is mostly void of human life and houses rare creatures.(such as Whiteclaws, Crazed, and Radiated Black Bears)

Character: To begin this journey, you most create a character with the required below. Unlike most online RP's you will be asked to rank your skills (guns, speech, etc.) to help you in game. You also have a new race option that has never been seen before in a RP, that race is a Waste Cyborg. So now please create your character and submit it in the comments below and you may be picked to take this journey!



Race: (HUMAN[+1 Charisma and Strength], GHOUL[+1 luck and Endurance], CYBORG[+1 Perception and Strength])

Class/Weapon load out: HUNTER(Hunting Rifle, 15 rounds, Knife,1 Stimpax,3 water)

  DOCTOR(9mm Pistol, 20 rounds, 3 Stimpax, 1 doctor bag)
  SNIPER(Sniper Rifle, 10 Rounds,1 Stimpax, 2 Anti-Venom)
  BRUTE:MELEE(Sledge Hammer, 2 Stimpax, 1 Anti-Venom)
  BRUTE:RANGED(Flamethrower,1 Flamer, Brass Knuckles, 4 water)

S.P.E.C.I.A.L: (40 Points, each most have at least one)

Skills: Guns

  (Spread 360 points any way you wish)

Story: (No required, but it adds depth for your character)

How to Play

Very week, possibly every 3 days , the "situation" for the week and last weeks results will be posted at the beginning of each blog. After reading the "situation" and looking at the generic action (attack, hunt, hide, etc.) you will decide what action you wish to take (attack, hunt, hide, etc.) After selecting a generic action, you will describe a step by step description of what you do exactly(ex: I move to a near rock and fire 2 rounds at the bandit).

After the actions are decided by you, you should turn your attention to "The Silver Update." Here, if your are able to, you can convince Silver to give you a idea of his personality, purpose for going to the misty trail, or his fighting style (Note:these details become important in the final event). Some weeks, you require a speech check or other types of checks. Any player can submit a comment saying "Speech check: 80" ,or what ever the conversation calls for, to receive the info the following week.

Finally, every week each player can heal, trade, or hunt(supplies) at camp. Each player can only do one each week.

(When submitting, submit them all in once comment. Categorize you post so it is clear what you are doing each "stage" of the week event. ex: General:Attack Detailed: Move to a near rock and attack the nearest bandit, Speech check: 80, Camp action: Trade with bob(one water)

If you get selected please keep checking in to find out when the first event is!