Last time on your journey...


Snake took a scope, some ammo, and a Stimpak from your equipment pile.

Snake heals at camp, he now has full health.

After his camp action, Snake decides to ask Snake a question. (How good are you with a gun?)

Silver said," I once hit a snakes eye ball over a mile away! Haha! Just joking! But I do have more than enough skill to kill anyone or anything! This gun I have is the near perfect killing machine."(Since Snake has a high gun skill he notices that the gun is a M95A Assault Rifle. He also notices the gun holds 25 rounds.)

When the crew seen the Whiteclaw, Snake instantly used his one med-ex. He circles the beast and cuts it 3 times, then tries to stab it. He is hit before he stab the creature. He then moves to cover and pulls off 4 shots, 2 hit, but only does slight damage due to the creatures thick skin.

He does walk away with 280 HP.


From the pile, Zachary takes the knives and 2 bullets.

He heals himself to full health (320 HP)

He also ask Kane what is troubling him.

Kane said, "Well...Before the bombs fell, I lived in Chicago with my mom, sisters, and brother. One night we were all around the fire when Chicago was hit, I heard my mom scream before I passed out. I awoke to see a strange, ugly man eating the body's of whom I assume were my sisters. I beat him to death, but only to find out he was my brother...I never got over it. Never...."

As soon as Zachary see the monster, he jumps into action by getting behind a nearby tree and fired once. He hits, and move to a rock and does the same, but misses. He then takes his knives and dual wields. The beast moves quickly down hill and is only hit twice by snake.

After the conflict, Zachary only finds a few scratches. He walks away with 245 HP.


decides to take the pork and beans, a single bullet, and a stimpak from the pile of supplies found.

She is extremely weak and barely manages to inject the stimpak into her pale body.

When the crew encounters the whiteclaw, Angels cruses under her breath and decides to retreat to the pond. Her Plan works and the Beast followers her. The creature falls into the pond and seems to be stuck..lucky for Angel. She shots 8 times and hits 4

Angel walks away with 130 HP

Brute 2.0:

Brute 2.0 takes the Grenade, the two throwing knives, and a bottle of water from the supplies in the pile.

At camp Brute gives his Machete to Snake as a melee weapon.

After Brute analyzes the Whiteclaw, he decides to attack from behind. Attacking 3 times in whole, Brute hopes for the best.

Brute loses no health...but misses ever single swing due to the creatures speed.


Kane searches the pile and takes 3 water bottles and a bullet.

Kane, troubled for some reason, rest under the stars the night after the pond side battle.

Kane near pisses himself at the sight of the Whiteclaw, due to his fear of deathclaws. He quickly moves to ditch and fires 2 times at the creatures chest. He then moves to a tree stump and fires one more round at the creature as it tails Angel. He misses twice.

Kane takes no damage.


After the beast entered the water, It is clear that Angels choice is what truly saved the crews life in this situation.

Everyone in your party talks to Angel, including Silver, to congratulate her on her amazing kill.


Your camp actions this week:




Silver: A Man With Dark Intentions?

After the last two questions asked by your party, You know Silver has reason to be on the mountain a 2nd time and he is a master with his assault rifle.

Zachary and Snake notice he his a little odd, but the other members call you paranoid and let you continue your rant.

The next day, Snake has lost one of his Stimpaks. Zachary awakes to find all of his rifle round gone. (NOTICE: You will get these things back but it is part of the story you lose the randomly selected items above!)

The Carzed

After a slight argument between Snake, Zachary, and Silver, it is decided they lost there gear when they fought the Whiteclaw...

The crew travels up the trail and finds signs of primitive life around the middle of the mountains height. They find a cave with odd sounds coming out of them. You argue again about what to do ,which awakes a tribe of Crazed (Indian like drug addicts) You see 8 of them (all of them melee equipped).

(They are wearing mild armor so do not use a lot of ammo)

You can....

ATTACK MELEE (Threat: High for the Crazed are excellent melee fighters)

DISTRACT THE CRAZED (Threat: Low , but the Crazed will more than likely not fall for the distraction)

ATTACK RANGED (Threat: Mild, due to the fact that the crazed are quick and may move up to attack you

SEARCH SILVERS GEAR (Threat: High with low sneak and/or luck)


I didn't give you guys armor to start so I will let you pick them now...This event will not have a armor factor, however all others from now on will!

You may have one of the following:(they are ranked light,medium,heavy for protection and + or - S.P.E.C.I.A.L)

Leather Armor:(Medium +1E +1A)

Combat Armor:(Heavy +2S -1A)

Adventurer Armor: (Light +2E +1A)

Duster Cowboy(Light +1P +1C -1E)

Rough Rider Suit(Heavy +1S +2E -3A)