Previously on Your Journey


At Camp, Snake decides to rest after the eventful celebration around the campfire.

In the battle, Snake instantly jumps into a position to attack the crazed close. He fired 3 bullets at some treating Crazed. He passes his rifle to Zachary to hold while Snake attacks a Crazed with his Machete. He stabs the Crazed directly in the stomach and uses him as a shield. He continues to attack all the while using the body as a shield.

Also, Snake picks the Rough Rider armor, which gives him +1 strength, +2 endurance, and -3 Agility

After Snake kills the last of the Crazed, he only notices minor damage to himself.

he walks away with 250 HP


Zach decides to heal at camp, he now has 260 HP

Zachary is confident that Silver is behind the missing equipment, and this shows in the battle with the Crazed.

While his party is fighting, Zachary searches Silvers bag with much success! He finds his ammo and Snakes stimpak, but also finds a map with the word "treasure" written all over it and pointing to a series of caves to the far north.

Also, Zachary decides to take the Duster Cowboy armor which gives him +1 Perception, +1 Charisma, and -1 Endurance.


Kane decides to watch the night sky and enjoyed a moment of rest on his old bones.

After Kane broke up the argument, He talks with Snake and makes a deal with him. The deal was if Silver is crooked, Kane would aid Snake and Zachary if Silver need to be taken out.

As the Crazed pile put of there cave side home Kane moves back to get range on the foes.

He fires 3 times in the chest of 3 different opponents and then switches to melee charging foes.

He walks away with 180 HP. he also takes the Adventurer armor


Angel also rest at camp, but is woken up by the fighting she swore was caused by a mix of jet use and male and hormones.

In the battle, Angel tries to distract the Crazed for her party. She fires twice into the air and afterwards throws rocks at the tribal people.

After her attempt of distraction, Angel is plagued with knife slashes and club marks.

She makes it out with 100 HP. She also decides to take the Leather armor.

Brute 2.0:

Brute, at camp, gives one throwing knife to Snake and Zachary.

Brute also decides to make a deal with Zachary and Snake about Silver.

Brute frenzied with his mighty Sledge Hammer and kills several crazed alone!

He takes only 30 HP damage (260 left)

The Camp Divided

You can:

TRADE (Snake, Zach, Kane, and Brute can trade. Angel will not trade with anyone)




At the caves, your crew decides to rest and devise a plan for the next part of the trail. Silver tells you that you are about to traverse the Black Valley, your crew will be divided into 3's. Snake and Zachary will take one NPC with them. They most vote between:

Angel (medic)

Brute (Melee)

Kane (range)

Silver will take the other two NPC's Not slected

  • Also note that your equipment take last installment have been returned.*

Brute: A Misunderstood Giant

Brute is seen hold a picture of something. You ask him what is troubling him, but he can not remember. You need a science check of 65 OR you can persuade Angel to fix him with a speech check of 70.

The Blackest Valley, The Whitest Face

Snake, Zachary, and there NPC selected are forced to take the trail through the Valley to the cross roads of the high and low trails where they will see their party again.

They are traveling along the road and find broken wagon. Snake recognizes a few bullets lying on the ground around the wagon. They must have belonged to Silver! All of a sudden a round penetrates the wagon and nearly hits Snake in the head. Your small group sees a sniper on the ledge and a Whiteclaw running down the Valleys trail. You can:

Fire at the Sniper

Fire at the Whiteclaw

Fire multiple times at both

Melee the Whiteclaw

Search the wagon for something useful

Distract either the Sniper or Whiteclaw