Last Time on Your Journey...

Your crew successfully kills all the creatures with minimal injury:

Kane only took 15 points of damage.

Brute 2.0 retracted poisoning by quickly repealed it with his internal health systems. He also took 20 points of damage and killed 2 insects.

Due to Angels cautions behavior, She walked away with 0 injury and killed an insect.

Zachary killed a insect with an single shot and took no injury.

Snake attacked an insect as well. He lost no health due to his position in the fire fight.

Camp actions

After the fight with the insects and decent accent up the mountain, your crew makes camp in a near cavern that seemed to be the home of a wild man or two.

You can select ONLY ONE of the following actions to do during this camp break!


HUNT FOR SUPPLIES(possibly of decent loot: little)



Silver Speaks!

Silver was seen staring at the night sky with a odd look. He still confuses you in many ways and you wish to know more about him.

ONE PLAYER MAY ASK HIM A SINGLE QUESTION THROUGH SPEECH OR SKILL CHECK! First player to submit the speech/skill check is reward with having his selection answered. 

Possible Questions:

How good are you with a gun? (Guns 65)

Whats your story? (Speech 70)

What do your know about this place? (Speech 45)

Why do you have that scar above your eye? (Speech 65)

Creek's Pond

The next day, your crew travels to a possible water source you heard the night before. You find a hill shadowing a pond and find 10 Bandits, one of which you identify as Creek The Hardy , a notorious bandit in the East, and decide to take them all out.


Attack from the hill (Threat:Low, Chance of hitting: EXTREMELY LOW with anything OTHER than a Sniper)

Flank the Bandits (Threat: High with low luck)

Distract (Threat: Medium)

Attack Creek alone (Threat: Medium to High)

Rig a trap in area (Threat: High with low Luck)

Basic Attack (Threat: low to Medium)