Last Time on Your Journey


Zachary found some supplies while hunting at camp( 3 lockpicks, 2 dirty water). He also persuaded Silver to tell him his story.

Silver said, "I can't remember much honestly. I woke up in a Crystal Town many years ago. They said I had a concussion while traveling up the road. Said I was attacked by some Whiteclaws, though i do not think I am that lucky....I heard that there were many other travelers that may want to take the journey and I took the opportunity to find them. I travels from here to Vegas, LA, a place once called Jersey, Chicago, and many many others. I scouted you all by name and well here you are. Other than that I can not remember anything.

In the fight Zachary fired twice at Creek, but only slightly damaged him. He then throws down his gun and melee's Creek.

Zachary kills him and walks away with only 100 Health Points left.


Snake trades with Angel. He gives her 3 bullets for her only Simpak (later she gives him a med-ex she finds)

In the fight, Snake attacks from the hill side. He fires 3 bullet at 3 bandits, but due to his lack of luck he only kills one.

Snake is shot once and loses 15 health points.


At camp, Angel searches for supplies and actually finds a med-ex and 4 lockpicks.

In the Fight, Angel try's to flank the bandits. After 5 bullets are fired by her she is shot numerously by a few bandits. Luckily they became distracted but still they greatly damaged Angel.

She walks away, but only barely, with 90 points.

Brute 2.0:

Brute finds a Machete and adds it to his inventory.

In the fight, Brute 2.0 try's to distract the foes. As it would happen, Brute actually stopped the bandits from killing Angel.

Brute walks away well with only 30 points of damage (310 HP left)


Kane gives 3 bullets to Snake for nothing in return

When the bullets start to fire, Kane decides to rig a trap using his knife and some tape and sting found around the camp.

He makes a trap that will kill anyone that triggers it instantly!

After rigging it, he hide behind some bushes and waits...CRACK! the sound of a fools skull crck by his rap pleases Kane and he sets it up for a 2nd and final time. It also kills a bandit.


After the fight the crew decides to search all the body's left behind.

You find the following: 2 Knifes, 2 stimpaks, 4 waters, 2 pork and Beans, 8 bullets, 2 throwing knifes,a new sniper scope, and grenade.

Your crew most EVENLY divide the list above. Each player can claim 4 items above (first come, first serve)

You can also decide the following camp actions:



SLEEP(you do not do anything with this option)

Kane: A Troubled Man

Kane walks away to take in some fresh air. One of you party members should talk to him and see if you can find out a little more about him.


Silver Speaks!

Same rules apply, first to submit get there submitting question answered!

What do your know about this place? (Speech 45)

Why do you have that scar above your eye? (Speech 65)

How good are you with a gun? (Guns 65)

A Pale Face...

The next day, your crew travels in paranoia as a thick fog surrounds you on all sides. You hear many odd noises and demand your crew stops. Silver fires twice into the air and almost instantly the fog raises. Your faces lose color as you see a creature so frightening you nearly drop your rifle...A WHITECLAW!

The Whiteclaw is easily 10 feet tall with claws red with blood from other small animals. He stares at you with his blood red eye's, somehow mocking you.

Brute locks on to him and discovers he is only half health.


HIDE( THREAT:high without high luck)

Attack while switching cover(s) (Threat:Medium to High)

Attack from his back (Threat:Medium to High)

Retreat to the Pond (Threat: High, Silver MAY attack you and Whiteclaw has a 8 in 10 chance to follow you, but the Whiteclaw is unable to swim which could be useful.)