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    At Camp, Snake decides to rest after the eventful celebration around the campfire.

    In the battle, Snake instantly jumps into a position to attack the crazed close. He fired 3 bullets at some treating Crazed. He passes his rifle to Zachary to hold while Snake attacks a Crazed with his Machete. He stabs the Crazed directly in the stomach and uses him as a shield. He continues to attack all the while using the body as a shield.

    Also, Snake picks the Rough Rider armor, which gives him +1 strength, +2 endurance, and -3 Agility

    After Snake kills the last of the Crazed, he only notices minor damage to himself.

    he walks away with 250 HP


    Zach decides to heal at camp, he now has 260 HP

    Zachary is confident that Silver is behind the missing e…

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    Snake took a scope, some ammo, and a Stimpak from your equipment pile.

    Snake heals at camp, he now has full health.

    After his camp action, Snake decides to ask Snake a question. (How good are you with a gun?)

    Silver said," I once hit a snakes eye ball over a mile away! Haha! Just joking! But I do have more than enough skill to kill anyone or anything! This gun I have is the near perfect killing machine."(Since Snake has a high gun skill he notices that the gun is a M95A Assault Rifle. He also notices the gun holds 25 rounds.)

    When the crew seen the Whiteclaw, Snake instantly used his one med-ex. He circles the beast and cuts it 3 times, then tries to stab it. He is hit before he stab the creature.…

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    Zachary found some supplies while hunting at camp( 3 lockpicks, 2 dirty water). He also persuaded Silver to tell him his story.

    Silver said, "I can't remember much honestly. I woke up in a Crystal Town many years ago. They said I had a concussion while traveling up the road. Said I was attacked by some Whiteclaws, though i do not think I am that lucky....I heard that there were many other travelers that may want to take the journey and I took the opportunity to find them. I travels from here to Vegas, LA, a place once called Jersey, Chicago, and many many others. I scouted you all by name and well here you are. Other than that I can not remember anything.

    In the fight Zachary fired twice at Creek, but only slightly damaged him. He th…

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    Your crew successfully kills all the creatures with minimal injury:

    Kane only took 15 points of damage.

    Brute 2.0 retracted poisoning by quickly repealed it with his internal health systems. He also took 20 points of damage and killed 2 insects.

    Due to Angels cautions behavior, She walked away with 0 injury and killed an insect.

    Zachary killed a insect with an single shot and took no injury.

    Snake attacked an insect as well. He lost no health due to his position in the fire fight.

    After the fight with the insects and decent accent up the mountain, your crew makes camp in a near cavern that seemed to be the home of a wild man or two.

    You can select ONLY ONE of the following actions to do during this camp break!


    HUNT FOR SUPPLIES(possibly of…

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    Zachary A. Sieger (HP: 260)

    Sex: Male Race: HUMAN Class/Weapon load out: Sniper
    SPECIAL:S: 7 (+1) P: 5 E: 6 C: 3 (+1) I: 5 A: 7 L: 7
    SKILLS:Guns: 75 Speech: 75 Medicine: 35 Repair: 10 Sneak: 100 Lockpick: 20 Science: 10 Unarmed: 35

    Solid Snake (HP: 320)

    SEX: Male RACE: Human Class/LOAD OUT: Sniper
    SPECIAL:S: 9(+1) P: 5 E:10 C:3(+1) I:10 A:3
    SKILLS:Speech: 30 Repair: 50 Science: 0 Guns: 100 Sneak: 40 Medicine: 0 Lockpick:0 …
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