The world has moved on...I was there.

I never played the earlier titles. I don't if I ever will. Sometimes I imagine I would like to try them, then I remember how standards have risen in game quality and design since the original developer released them, and then how hardware and operating system standards have changed and moved on. I like reading articles about them, the way one might enjoy a history book about things that happened in their lifetime. Such as about events that happened where one did not initially pay attention or failed to see the historical significance. However, having not experienced the events first hand in their heyday, their living historical impact is not there.

This is true of all cultural phenomena.

Music, games, movies, political and social movements, they all lose something in the translation when your first introduction to the cultural narrative is a finely distilled modern telling devoid of the visceral rawness of its predecessors. Purists and aficionados embrace the good and the bad as they might a child of their flesh, but to a passer by, their are flaws enough in the telling of the current narrative for them. With no cherished memories tethered to them, the child of the purist is little more than a distraction. The distraction taking ones eyes off their own cherished memories.

When it moves on again...will I care?