That game guide(pick any one ever produced) has more mistakes in it than I can count. There's even a wiki page about its inaccuracies. People need to stop quoting it for references. It wasn't completely accurate on its release and its even less so after the last two or three rounds of patches.

The sad thing about printed manuals is that when content gets updated all those incorrect printed volumes are still floating around out there. That doesn't even take into account that the version of the game the author played was one before it went gold for shipping. Not to mention the embellishments to fill out pages. The things it calls quest and points of interest that fill pages in the guide are sometimes merely footnotes to what the actual content sometimes consists of. The referenced should be from the game, the GECK, or the game writers, NOT some third-party paid play-through that was on a print deadline.

End Quote.

Even sadder is that I know that they are going to be full of errors and I've bought them anyways.--Xclockwatcher 23:16, May 10, 2011 (UTC)