So I was reading some of the bugs sections on various pages. As I read them I noticed there were a lot of duplications in each of the pages I read. I know not everyone sees how one issue is related to another, but it often seemed like the other entries weren't even read. It got me thinking. What would help improve the accuracy and conciseness while reducing and preventing redundant listings.

So I hopped on over to the Community Portal and what to my wandering eyes did appear but a list of projects to improve the quality of wiki articles. I often forget those resources are there, and that there are many dedicated people behind them.

Now I contribute to articles here and there. Add a little, reword a little, delete some well intentioned but off the mark additions occasionally, but I'm not what one would call a major contributor. Just check the rankings. I fall in at 60's to 70's mark like I imagine many thousands of people do with a few dozen to a few hundred edits made. Many without ever 'gasp' logging in. Mostly I just ask question and post observations on the talk pages.

Anyway, I was thinking. What is needed, is something to perk the interest of the nameless masses, and inspire that writhing gestalt to useful action. A nudge if you will. Perhaps shining a regular spotlight on these efforts. Something akin to declaring, "Today is project 'X' day" or some such, only more inspiring.

I am pointing this out because I am also an offender. I had no idea that there were currently more than a dozen improvement projects for the wiki. Sixteen according to the community page and the projects page. Each working on its own a monumental task. And like a brick to the face it hit me. I just had no idea. How many readers are like me?...Soaking up knowledge freely provided by others, just not having heard that for 15 seconds of my time an information starved child half a world away could be better informed about how much of reload delay a Trail carbine has or whether an environmental observation is bug or facet of game mechanics. With a minute here and there to contribute, all could well in the world.

The bottom line is that these projects need better exposure. How many will I personally contribute to? Few. But that is more than would I have before knowing they were there. Now multiply that few by the infinite number which can be conjured up when the churning depths of the rest of the internet is plumbed. It's a mighty number indeed. All they need is a little regular attention.--Xclockwatcher 02:54, June 12, 2011 (UTC)