• XJonathanX

    The food is the yuckiest

    The kills are the bloodiest

    The ghouls are the ugliest

    This game is the buggiest

    The jet the druggist

    The deaths the funniest

    Way back home

    The water is the moatiest,

    The heads the most explodiest

    The flies are the bloatiest

    RivetCity is the boatiest

    The aim, the steadiest

    The blood, the rediest

    Way back home

    Don't know why I left the Vault-Tec

    I really must confess

    I'm a lone wanderer making your head a Bloody Mess

    Tenpenny is the haughtiest

    The nightwear the naughtiest

    The ghouls are the rottiest

    Their skin is the spottiest

    The bombs, the boomiest

    The waste, the fumiest

    Way back home

    (What about the ghouls?)

    The ghouls the crustiest

    (And the meat?)

    The meat's the radiest

    (And the trees?)

    The trees the blackiest

    (And the raiders'?)

    The raide…

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