As you probably already know, a playable demo of "Fallout : New Vegas" is available at PAX 2010.

It was just a matter of time before we would start to see some impressions surface on the net, so, without further ado, I'm going to link to the first impressions and new info our friend Intact Garden Gnome posted on the Bethesda Boards.

Day 1:

Another drug. I believe is is brewed using the Survival skill and is called Antivenom. It cures animal poison effects and it certainly worked when I played against a radscopion that stabbed me.

Cram is back A scoped Varmint Rifle with silencer looks bad***
Mutants have a more greenish hue compared to the FO3 mutants.

Description for Survival skill: The Survival skill increases the Hit Points you receive from food and drink. It also helps you create consumable items at campfires.

Day 2:

Wow thanks for the responses for the first thread. First off, here are the answers to some unanswered questions in the last thread. FO3 zoom is NOT an option. Just true and E3 iron sights. You cannot ride the roller coaster at Primm. And the demo starts off a short stroll away from Primm, with Goodsprings a while behind you.

Day 3:

NCR members can drop Dog Tags, similar to the BoS in Fallout 3.

Leather Armor, according to the Vault Boy picture, is long sleeved.
Night Vision Confirmed.
Binoculars, found in Primm, weigh 1.5 pounds and is found in the weapon slot. Offers a little amount of zoom, but still useful.
Golden Geckoes are scary.
New Location: Crescent Canyon (and technically Crescent Canyon East). A scary place in the nighttime, this canyon houses boats, radiation, and Golden Geckoes, oh my!

This game will be a lot more dynamic, as on one part of my trek, I noticed to ants feasting on the carcass of a radscorpion.

And here's a direct link to his photogallery!

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Update: Our own Vault 815 also attended PAX and wrote some new bits about Goodsprings in this blog post.

While at Pax last weekend I was also lucky enough to Playtest Fallout: New Vegas. I look through Goodsprings in more depth then the other Pax news post. While playing I traveled arround Goodsprings. In the saloon (which had the first non-boarded up glass windows I have seen in Fallout) there was several people that I talked to, one gave me a note and talked about how there was a safe in the school house that even Easy Pete couldn't crack, sounds like my kind of job. After receiving a lock-pick skill boost book I walked over to the schoolhouse, Goodsprings is about the size of Megaton if it were laid flat. Upon arriving I successfully lock picked the safe and received its for the moment random contents.

He's also giving away a New Vegas t-shirt.