(Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the film "A Boy and His Dog" (1975) Of all the movies I could find similar to the basic Fall Out setting and history is this movie which is shockingly similar to the settings and personalities found in the game. From the presence of a Vault, and Vault dwellers, what appears to be the use of first person action filming, the mysterious introduction of what appears to be "glowing ones", a cyborg, a strange link between the main character and a dog (strange technology?), raider-like antagonists and the karma based choices the main character has to make, not to forget the dilemma of cannibalism being an issue (eww), i find this movie to be extremely similar to the Fall Out universe. Sad this good movie which can be similar to "Book of Eli" isn't held in higher regards since it's such a good movie compared to the common happy ending movies commonly found today. A defining twist is when the hero becomes an unpredictable thug and no more than a raider at the end of the movie which is a strange and dark outcome. Kind of like being idolized by the NCR but then choosing to bomb them at the ending of Lonesome Road right when they expect you to save the day at the second Battle of Hoover Dam.