• Wintermut3

    Important Starting Steps:


    First things first. Head up to Vegas. I take the direct route north. Avoiding the Deathclaws is possible if you skirt past Black Mountain, keep to stealth and hug the mountains north of Black Mountain so you're not on flat ground until you've curved around East a little bit.

    The general route is north to Yangtze Memorial, then head east northeast to Sloan. There may be a Giant Radscorpion spawned if you go too far north but if you go more east than north to the railroad tracks you can avoid him.

    From Sloan head east northeast to Neil's Shack. From there it's northeast until you spot a gap in the rocks that is full of bear traps, and a rolling boulder trap. Trigger the rolling boulder trap and …

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  • Wintermut3

    Here's part one of my quick and dirty guide to the perfect near-100% FO:NV playthrough, first a few quick tips:

    • This guide is meant for your second or later playthrough once you've seen the storyline "properly" and want to create a powersave for playing mod content.
    • It's not designed for hardcore play, sequence-breaking can lead to companion death when you're doing things like running through deathclaw territory at level 2.


    You can re-do your skills after you leave the goodsprings area. The most important thing to do when initially setting skills is have enough so that when you take books into account you can pass all the speech checks for the Goodsprings quest. That means Explosives, Medicine, Barter and Sneak or Speech.


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