Our friends at NMA have once again uncovered some news on an interview with MCA from Comic Book Resources concerning his work on the All Roads graphic novel, his relationship with Dark Horse Comics, as well as uncovering some of his opinions of what Fallout fans can expect from New Vegas and possible plans on future comic releases:

"Fallout 3 was well-received, so we didn't want to mess with the elements that made it great. In New Vegas, we just wanted to make sure there was more to do, not change the existing systems the player had come to enjoy from Fallout 3."

"[The graphic novel] leads right into the opening movie, gives greater background on the people looking to kill you (even if they messed it up once), and as you explore the Fallout: New Vegas world, you'll see the exact same path and have a greater understanding of some of the faction politics in the game."

"If there's enough fan interest [in All Roads], I hope that might be enough of a push for a regular series. If readers would be interested in seeing more stories in the Fallout universe outside of DLC and New Vegas, say the word on forums. I'm definitely interested in writing more in the world of Fallout. I enjoyed writing for Star Wars, I'd love to do it with another franchise, and Fallout is near and dear to my heart ever since I played Fallout 1, worked on F2, and after all that I've been able to contribute to Fallout: New Vegas."