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  • Willooi

    Following in the footsteps of recent interviews with Joshua Sawyer, Chris Avellone, and Jason Bergman, I was lucky enough to have the privilege of interviewing the father of Fallout himself, Tim Cain.

    (Full interview available either at Gamasutra or willooi blog

    [His new role at Obsidian]

    I really enjoy working at Obsidian. I know many of the people there from our time at Interplay or Troika, and I have played all of Obsidian's games, so in many ways this new job was the smoothest transition I have ever made. Everyone there has been very friendly and welcoming, and I am excited to be back in the RPG game space.

    But I should explain that I am a temporary contracted employee at Obsidian. I am considering joining another company in the spring of …

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  • Willooi

    With the Gun Runners' Arsenal coming out shortly, JE Sawyer was able to take some time to answer some interview questions. Here are some Fallout-related quotes. As always, he constantly updates his Formspring account so check that out too if you haven't already been - real wealth of info there.

    (Full interview available either at Gamasutra or willooi blog

    [His role at Obsidian, and a few of his interests]

    I'm a project director at Obsidian and I've been in the game industry for about twelve years, most of that as a designer. Project directors are the "lead of leads", on the team, the individuals who define the high-level goals and scope of the project and help keep things focused on quality and consistency. Though technically part of the prod…

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  • Willooi

    To add to the anticipation of next week's release of Lonesome Road, I am pleased to bring you the third and final part of an interview with Chris Avellone. This edition focuses entirely on Fallout, character creation, DLCs, and Ulysses, amongst other topics.

    Here are some selected highlights, with the full interview available either at Willooi Blog or Gamasutra:

    [On Fallout games taking place outside of America]

    Character perspectives aside, the ability to properly give context to that setting is more difficult the more removed the developers are from that location. There's likely a good reason why Bethesda did F3 in Washington DC, for example, and why Obsidian took the West Coast/SoCal region - we know more about the area where we live (or t…

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  • Willooi

    The Fallout-related interviews in Unmasking the Gamers continues, with this edition featuring Bethesda's Jason Bergman. Jason was kind enough to explain his role at Bethesda during the production of Fallout: New Vegas and its DLCs, his interests and family (and Superman), as well as giving us some little hints into the content and reasons for the delay of Lonesome Road. As always, the full interview can be found on my blog, or on Gamasutra.

    [On his role at Bethesda]

    I'm a producer, which means I do a lot of stuff, and it changes a lot on a daily basis. My one-line summary of my job is that it's my job to make sure a game comes out on time and doesn't suck.

    As for day-to-day, I work with Obsidian on concepts and general direction for the game an…

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  • Willooi

    Following on from a previous interview with Chris Avellone, in part 2 we mainly discussed his thoughts on Alpha Protocol's development and critical reception, casting voice actors for written characters, as well as a bit about himself. Here are some Fallout-related excerpts from the interview revealing some interesting behind-the-scenes info, which is available in whole at either Willooi Blog or Gamasutra:

    [On how he writes his characters]

    There's a little bit of my take on religion with Kaelyn the Dove in Mask of the Betrayer. I don't generally try to write based on my personal views outside of gaming or based on anyone I know, I feel it muddies the point of the character and doesn't help the narrative. Plus, I'd feel weird about incorporat…

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