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    Fallout and Elder Scrolls games taking place in the same universe (Bethvese, as I sometimes call it) is no new concept, some people have especulated as such, some say TES came before, while others (such as myself) belive it's the other way around, FO preceded TES. That being said, this post is NOT to claim the theory for myself, instead, is to reiterate and elaborate on some points that others have made and to organize a few things into writing format, and maybe even add my own points (because I haven't seen some of them anywhere else). As a side note, I'm not much of a writer myself (High School kinda took that away from me), so this may not be as appealing to read as someone else would've made it, so I ask patience of you. Also, I would…

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  • WhoeverReadThis

    'Ello gov'nors! As per our pollmaster BrandonFox's suggestion, I'm asking what you don't want to see in our beloved upcoming Fallout 4! I'm only doing this because I've seen many lists showing what people want to play with, but, ya see, that's not enough for me, seriously, I bet there are many things we would hate to see, so yeah... comment, make a list, discuss, whatevs. Here, lemme get things started for you:

    • Multiplayer mode;
    • Vehicles(like cars, motorcycles, horses), though a Mad Max sort of car under very specific conditions wouldn't be ALL bad(just sayin');
    • Modern music (I'm aware New Vegas had it, but I'm talking about even more modern).

    K, wastelanders, let everybody know what you wouldn't like in Fallout 4 here in the comments! We migh…

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