And now comes the time wher eone over-powered character from a game fights another Overpowered-character fights back.This time it's the almighty HADES versus Frank Horrigan

Lets us see,shall we?

  • Where Frank Horrigan was only Infected by a virus,HADES IS the virus.
  • Frankie was taken down by an Elite Squad,and a bunch of Miniguns.HADES was hit by tons of missiles,bullets,powerful acid and an explosion within an unstable volcano and he's STILL alive.
  • Frankie used weapons most of the time (Especially durinf F2's climax).HADES always used his fists,and in one scene,ripped a building out of its supports and crushed it into the ground.
  • HADES is much more agile and intelligent.Frankie had minor intelligence and was a Super Mutant,who are never agile.
  • Frankie Killed a deathclaw in one punch.HADES took down an army of Infected with one ground slam.Said infected were also tougher than DC's.
  • Frankies dead.HADES is not.
  • Frankie needed Armor.HADES needs no armor