Following a recent playtest(s) of all 3 Eleventy Mod's (Fallout,Left 4 Dead,Elder Scrolls),i have decided to post up a Weekly report on the playtests,to help give you people an idea on............something.Anyway:

Fallout Eleventy:During this Playtest,people who focused on Combat skills were the people who survived for longest against enemies such as Scottish Tribals and Ghoul-Claws.The primary thing most people chose to do was the Radio Free Sealand quest and try and obtain the Head-Hunter Award (It's awarded for getting 500 decapitations),but sadly,the last player met his end when a Deathclaw Queen hit him from behind and ripped his torso open,spreading his organs everywhere.Only one person actually finished RFS,but he died 4 minutes after when a New Bailey Power Trooper with an Ion Gatling Gun turns him into Black Ash that just drifted away.

Left 4 Dead Eleventy:After the addition of Freeplay Mode,and the Crawler infected,this Eleventy became my quick favourite,the players were testing Freeplay in this one.20 people,10 humans,10 bots.The Military team stupidly headed for a Military Base to fortify and were killed violently by a Witch,who cut them apart and left them torn to shreds,with blood and organs everywhere.The tribals teamed up with the basic Survivors,retreating to Mikhósa,one of the Western Somahara Towns,near the Volcano,they were ambushed by a Horde of the powerful Advanced Infected.Most of them perished,rather than waiting,i dropped into the place myself with a Lightsaber and Silenced SMG in hand,splitting up the survivors and killing them.The last player fell when i jumped from the roof of a Burger King,into a window,rolled up and then cut his stomach open,making his intestines spill out.

The Elder Scrolls Eleventy will get it's PT results posted soon.