I know I've gone dark for a while, I have had a Ot of stuff going on. Here is what I have done today, I finally got Charon for a compainion after I completed tenpenny tower and you gotta shoot em in the head. I checked up on Riley and started the Rangers quest, I geared up using my 6000 caps and traded items for 34 stimapacks as I now have 257 of them. As we made are way across the tunnels to the Hotel, it was fairly easy because I had cleared it out on my way to level 16, and only had minor feral ghoul encounters. But only a few steps from the exit I was assaulted by a Reaver, so I used up most of my on that annoying addition to the dlc. due to a glitch, charon is now holding his gun sideways. As soon as we got through we encountered a scavenger who was killed by a ghoul as soon as I was 5 feet away from him, but I was glad I could use his stuff. As I opened the inventory... Nothing but syringes and scalpels and useless junk' 86 caps, and a broken 10mm pistol. I will continue this tomorrow as I am very tired due to my work as a lawyer with a few obnoxious people I have to prosecute, but I'm rambling. Goodnight.