I haven't update din A LONG TIME. I started a new playthrough of FO3 after beating nV and all add ons. BUT IM FOCUSING ON NV NOW!!! My journey begins with a blonde haired green eyed man with a Kevin bacon nose waking up next to a creepy old man. I the stumbled my way through the tutorial and accidentally shot the dog, he lived but I had to retry to save the girl with the meat cleaver by the fountain. I found the Indiana jones corpse, took his odd fitting hat, and set off on my journey! I the wound up next to that guy with a missing kid. I wasted time searching for her, I was pissed he lied to me so I beat him to death with a meat cleaver I pick pocketed off of that waste lander I saved. Slept in the camper, and when I woke up set off onto the road! Ran into some powder keggers, and thn decided to defend good springs

I got everything together and then fought an epic battle! Tune in to the next installment of THE DARING ADVENTURES OF JACK MASON! THW BLONDE KLEPTOMANIAC LADY KILLER WITH BAD AIM!