I will be writing about events i find in the game. Today i found myself stuck in the sewers after trying to bypass the debris blocking me from getting on the boat to point lookout as i had forgotten the way after not playing for so long (plus tired from practically JUST finishing mothership zeta) and was surrounded by 1 Ghoul reaver, 2 roamers, and 2 glowing ones i entered vats and fired at one and the mysterious stranger appeared and blew up the whole place lol and i ended up having to fight the 3 surviving ghouls on a broken leg and only about 35 percent health though i just ran back out the sewer grate and as soon as i get out- theres ANOTHER glowing one and regular feral ghoul which i both killed easisly AND THEN THE THREE GHOULS APPEARED!!! and i ran/limped away... AND RAN RIGHT INTO A RAIDER CAMP! though mysterious stranger appeared and shot a raider through a wall and it glitched it was stuck on vats for 5 minutes straight and i finally made it though had to swim through water- which i hate b/c of mirelurks and went to point lookout and after this post ill probably just passout at the computer so goodnight everybody!