aka Ryan

  • I live in NM, USA
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is Purveyor of Death
  • I am I'm a Man, Baby!
  • WastedWarrior

    The GF (Miss 160 IQ) Got into a small accident. Took most of the day to get it back into shape.I could have used a 4-5 foot prybar, but i didn't have one. Did the best i could. At least her tire isn't eating the the plastic liner and bumper edges anymore.

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  • WastedWarrior

    The story of Nukamas:

    T'was the night before Nukamas, and all through the shack

    Not a creature was creeping, not even a Mole Rat.

    All the Raider's bodies, strung up with care,

    with hopes that Saint Nukalas soon would be there.

    The ghouls were nestled all snug on their beds,

    While visions of Sugar Bombs danced in their heads

    Ma in her headwrap, and I in my Trader Hat

    Had just settled down for a Nuclear Winter's nap-

    When out in the Wastes there arose such a clatter!

    The window was covered with Blood Sausage Splatter!

    Away to the hatch, I flew like a Cazador, Threw over the bolt, and opened the door.

    To my wondering eye, but what should spawn?

    But a mini-Nukatruck, and 8 tiny Brahmin!

    With a little Gnome, it wasn't a fluke,

    I knew in tickety it must be Saiā€¦

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