Okay, I know we have about a gazillion of these things, but I really wanted to get my ideas heard. Would anybody else think that it would be amazing for there to be one major faction that is a major threat to the whole wasteland? I mean, a giant group of raider, but with much more powerful armor and greater weapons. And then I want the Enclave and BOS to team up to have to take them down. I mean, It would be a great story and ending. And then a possible betrayal with whichever faction you like the greatest. Like helping the BOS overthrow the Enclave after the takedown of the raiders. That would be absoulutely amazing.

Where I'd like it to be- Canada. I mean, we hear about how American troops kept the peace in Canada, and how some were still there when the bombs fell? Don't you think the survivors would have banded together to create one mega power?

What I'd like to have- Id like to keep it just about the same, weapon and armor wise, as New Vegas. I mean, not all of them, cause why would Patencia be in Canada? But some of the same weapons as NV and then add alot more pre-war weapons accustomed to the wasteland.

I think thats it for now, so feel free to comment your ideas and ill try to get back to all of them :)