The Ultimate Quest is officially here. What is this, you may be asking yourself? This is a tournament to decide what our users believe is the best quest in either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas. We all know that many of you have strong passions about your favorite quest and we would like to hear about these passions and encourage a fun debate. Now, you may be asking yourself – how will this tournament be run? It will be a three-round process.

1.) Round One (Lasts until January 1, 2012) – In this round, we want users to list their top three favorite missions (be creative, don’t all choose the final mission) from both games. This means each vote should include six items. (3 from each game). The votes will then be tallied up (1 point per each vote), and the top quests from each game will be selected as the winner. Example: Fallout 3 – 1.) Slave-hunt 2.) Fungus Deal 3.) The American Dream and FNV – 1.) No Gods, No Masters 2.) Render Unto Caesar 3.) Arizona Killer

2.) Round Two – With the most popular quests of each game, we will vote to determine which of these quests should be the representative for its’ game. I.e.: This is where we determine which are the most popular New Vegas quest and the most popular Fallout 3 quest.

3.) Round Three – This is where we determine which is the best quest out of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. This is also where you get the most defensive in arguing for your favorite. Bloodbaths are encouraged. Other Notes: DLC quests are allowed in this contest. Any Fallout 3 DLC mission will count in the Fallout 3 section and any New Vegas DLC mission will count as a vote for New Vegas.

Nominations for Round One will end on January 1, 2012.