• More energy based weapons. - Wagnike2 17:10, December 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • Ability to have akimbo weapons and please bring back the Auto Axe.-an anonymous user 12:53, 12/23/2011


  • More varieties of the Deathclaw, it's already one of the most intense enemies in the game. I want to see the intensity increased and the Deathclaws made even more difficult to defeat. - Wagnike2 17:16, December 21, 2011 (UTC)


Hmm... I wish that you can choose your race in Fallout Online. MysteryStranger: Trust in the power of Infinity! 17:17, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

It wound be funner if we had 2 worlds and more weapons, and more easter eggs. And a new world, like Dallas Texas. And a bigger party like fallout 1 and 2.


Wish there was a longer storyline, bigger map while also having old factions (NCR, Caesar's Legion...). MysteryStranger: Trust in the power of Infinity! 17:21, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

  • More of the retro feel exhibited in previous Fallout games rather than the western themes shown in New Vegas.


I wish that there was snow in Fallout 4 (it would be in north, near Canadian border). MysteryStranger: Trust in the power of Infinity! 14:02, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

I hope that it takes place in The Commonwealth and has the Institute.

It would be cool if there was a more open world,so you could make your own gang,become leader of town,just stuff you could do in real life in fallout,that would be awesome

in Fallout online, give the player flying mounts like the vertiberd, or the highwayman

1) A new story line where the last of the Enclave are building a device that kills all 'Un-pure' humans, super mutants, grouls, etc, and they are currently holding off the Brotherhood of Steel in say... New York or somewhere. You have just emerged from a Vault which was closed for say 237 years since 2077 but has been overrunned by a a group of Raiders, you have a choice destroy the Enclave and the device with the BOS, help the Enclave and activate the device or super evil ending, destroy the Enclave and activate the device, killing all Humans except you, Meaning your the only living person left. 2) If you become too irradited you become a ghoul, bonuses: healed by radiation, ablity to make Feral Ghouls follow you. Disadvantages: You are classed as a second-classed citizen, charisma goes down by -1. 3) More than 8 companions so say... Say... A Brotherhood of Steel knight (if you join BOS: good karma), Enclave Commander (if you joined Enclave: no Karma), Ex-Raider (have evil karma and help him 'kill' the towns mayor or something), Freindly Super Mutant Master (IF say... Uh.... Freed by your character in a side mission: Good karma), Sentry Bot (activated in the first twon but you need 80 science or 9 inteligence: no karma needed), Slaver (If you impresive him by enslaving 10 people: evil karma needed), New Ghoul (say a ghoul has just became a ghoul and he needs say... Medicine, so Medicine skill 50: No karma needed), Dog (find him tied down near a Raider, who plans to kill it. Free it and its yours: No karma needed), Super Mutant prisoner (the BOS have captured a Super mutant and it asks you to free it,once freed it kills the warden then joins you: evil karma), Framed Prisoner (like the Super mutant prisoner, except he want's your help to prove his innocence, drug the warden then find the man you framed the man, once freed he'll thank you then ask if he can tag along with you: good karma), Insane Ghoul (a ghoul has been trapped in a basement for 20 years, he wants you to free him and wants you to help him kill his former 'freind': evil karma) & a Mercenary (she's been held hostage by the Raiders, she's been tortured, her family killed before her and she want's you to help her slaughter all the raider, afterwards she'll ask to join you: good karma).


Vehicles. I want to pilot something like a vertibird or repaired Abrhams or some type of MBT.


  • Vehicles. I want to pilot something like a vertibird or repaired Abrhams or some type of MBT.~

More specialized armors

Armour that cloaks you Armour that deflects bullets maybe Armour that gives enemies fear Armour that makes you be able to have superhuman strength Armour that allows you to fly, it'd be cool but may mess with game

A new location

We've seen most of the post apocalyptic USA but I'm starting to think Fallout 4 should have tons of areas to explore like they could make more downloadable content for the game that expands the places to go.I would also like to see what the other countries look like after the war,like China and England.There should also be more creative and detailed enemies like the Centaur for example,Those are the king of enemies people would want to see while wandering the wasteland.

They haven't should what New York looks like in the series yet.


I want there to be more in depth clothing options. so you can customize much better like putting a ncr bandoleer on a vault jumpsuit or a badge on a legion centurion armor

online gameplay

there needs to be an alternate online storyline say it was somthing like u pick a faction such as NCR Enclave Mutant GreatKhan BOS Legion and instead of a computer run game a player should be the leader of these factions but they prpose things like attack the mutants at black mountain all the members of that faction vote. then they attack its like a never ending conquest war

Affects from previous games

One aspect that has become popular in other game series,one that would work well with Fallout, would be the use of pervious game data to establish what is cannon in the next game.

The events that occurred between the first game and the second were set in stone, characters who sided with the Raiders and didn't free Tandi, or characters who did something unexpected (like killing the Brotherhood of Steel), had events completely reversed in the second installment, (formation of the NCR and continued existence of he Brotherhood, etc.).

It would be nice if in this game, what you did in a previous game affected how your world in the next is set up. For example, in the newest installment, Fallout: New Vegas, the major decision the character makes is choosing who to side with (NCR, Legion, Mr. House, Yes Man); so wouldn't it be nice for this next game to take that information and and put your character on a story path that was influenced by your previous character's decisions. If you sided with the NCR, then the next major hurdle that your new character is now involved in is establishing order and annexing the nearby areas; if you sided with the Legion then your task is ending what remains of the resistance.

This would require separate story lines with some possible overlaps, and a default story for new players, but would be a great way to encourage people to buy the old games and go through multiple playthroughs as different types of characters. This could also allow for something that has never happened before in a game to occur, you could possibly meet your previous character. Imagine walking into a bar and there sits a slightly older version of the character you created in Fallout: New Vegas with dialogue options based off of things like karma, speech skill, quest endings, injuries sustained, etc. Heck, that would make a killer introduction where you learn the controls and the basics aspect of the game,taught to you by the Courier who learnt all about it in the previous game.


Gameplay and engine

please change the engine and make it a little realistic cause it affects some poeple who wants to play the game more seriously and make some expressions on the npc they seem neutral when they start attacking you and please add some more interactive ingame actions like on skyrim(cooking, smelting, smithing but don't add these from skyrim add some more like playing with the slide at the park or some normal things that seem fun) please change the way they move it semms non-realistic.............................. thank you

-Jose Francis Montalbo(a fan of fallout games and other rpg/action game)

Be able to domesticate wildlife like creatures or even deathclaws.

A couple of things

No re-spawning of people. I go into places, wipe out everyone, then I come back a week later and everyone is there again.

More affects on quest completed and karma. Eg, raiders don't attack you if your evil.

Spend more time trying to remove bugs before you release the game. I know I wouldn't mind if you spent a few more weeks trying to get rid of some nasty bugs instead of rushing to sell it.

As other people said, vehicles. Even just a car would be really cool.

Joining of more factions. I would actually like to see a game where you could side with the enclave. Again, I would rather have more added content then have the game a few weeks/months earlier.

Make very hard VERY hard. I walk around with like 2k of each ammo type, the best armor and over 200k caps (legit). Also let the vendors hold more caps. It took me forever to sell those gold bars...

Lastly, DON'T HAVE THOSE FRICKEN 'INVISIbLE WALLS'. I spend 10 minutes trying to climb up a mountain but then I hit a damn wall...


  • Ability to have some sort of minor romance with companions, if companions are brought back in Fallout 4 (which they should be, optional companions are a refreshing change of pace from what's seen in many games today that either force you to or don't give you an option).~
  • I want to see California in the next Fallout game. Maybe Include Los Angeles and other small cities/towns around it.

Something in the south. Maybe the Mississippi River has become critical for trade like it was before cars and railroads.