Hi everybody! (in a Dr. Nick voice)

So in the newest edition of Qore from PSN (which you can download for $2.99 or get free of charge with a subscription to PSN Plus), we've learned the following about New Vegas:

  • Perception's list of level names ranging from a Deaf Bat to a Eagle with Telescope.
  • The Heavy incinerator from Broken Steel is confirmed to be in the game (it can be seen by an old mill), and it looks better than ever.
  • Riot shotgun and new shotgun mod; drum magazine. Apparently the model using the drum is also pump-action (or appears to be). Does this spell the end for Fallout 3's PPSh-41 inspired combat shotgun, or will the riot shotgun be a totally different weapon?
  • New location, Thorn, which apparently is a small playground just outside the Strip with the Lucky 38 very visible in the background.
  • New concept art of the infamous A7 NCR troop from the teaser trailer. Apparently this time he has a spade on his shoulder. Are the four suits of cards going to play some sort of role into the game?
  • The slot machine minigame has four prizes; A New Vegas wallpaper, a Wasteland Wallpaper (both concept art), Bonus Footage, which is the pre-rendered version of the opening cinematic, and Endgame, which has yet to be confirmed, but probably has to do with the end of the game.
  • Incendiary grenades seem to have a launching effect, tossing someone into the air above a street light.
  • A scoped automatic rifle is seen shooting ghouls. It appears to be an M4 Carbine.
  • There's a pool table, Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine, and a Nuka Cola vending machine in Vault 21.

And last but not least, SPOILER WARNING: The dialogue from Benny in the opening cinematic:

  • "You've made your last delivery kid. Sorry you got twisted up in this scene."

This information is courtesy of GT409 on the Bethesda Forums.