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    Hi everybody! (in a Dr. Nick voice)

    So in the newest edition of Qore from PSN (which you can download for $2.99 or get free of charge with a subscription to PSN Plus), we've learned the following about New Vegas:

    • Perception's list of level names ranging from a Deaf Bat to a Eagle with Telescope.
    • The Heavy incinerator from Broken Steel is confirmed to be in the game (it can be seen by an old mill), and it looks better than ever.
    • Riot shotgun and new shotgun mod; drum magazine. Apparently the model using the drum is also pump-action (or appears to be). Does this spell the end for Fallout 3's PPSh-41 inspired combat shotgun, or will the riot shotgun be a totally different weapon?
    • New location, Thorn, which apparently is a small playground just out…
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  • Volundarkvioa

    EGM Magazine article

    August 28, 2010 by Volundarkvioa

    Electronics Gaming Magazine has released an online "sample" of their magazine that features New Vegas. There's three pages and not much new information, but it does show some concept art of Raul in three different armor sets.

    Apparently depending on your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats selections, Doc Mitchell will comment on them. If you choose a high strength he'll remark "I'm surprised that anyone would mess with could kill a Deathclaw with a switch".


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    Chris Avellone Interview

    Nothing really new in this interview. Key points from the Interview:

    • The Strip is about the size or bigger than about four Megatons.
    • The Wild Wasteland trait will add some more random encounters with pop culture references when chosen.
    • When someone vomits you'll actually see the effect (okay Chris didn't mention that one, but it's in the video. XD)

    Behind Chris in the video (at segments of him) we can also see some of the advertisements in the loading screens.

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