Fallout 4 is coming. We all know it. So these are the many ideas that I've gotten that would fix and improve on the ideas presented in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.


In most RPGs a plot is one, if not the most important factor in the game's sucess. In my Fallout 4 the plot would have more elements from New Vegas and possibly Van Buren and the first two, not 3. So the following few paragraphs will describe the game's plot.

The games cut to Ron Perlman narrarating the advancement of society since WWII but will turn into the backstory of the Fallout universe. At the end he will tell us of The Canadian/New England area of America after the bombs fell.

"....and from the ashes came a pheonix, humanity's second life in the form of an Institute, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, although it had existed before the atomic purge it was not as it is now, a shining beacon to intelligence, technology, and survival.

Then there is the Canada, it was a place of chaotic riots due to America's constant need of black gold, oil. Due to it's need it went north, and annexed Canada. Where the people of Toronto, Canada, after years of drilling, lumberjacking and fighting the American Army they have become a powerful, tactical empire of fierce warriors and strategic geniuses."

Now, gameplay beings. The tutorial is set in 2077 during the Great War. You are sleeping in a bedroom as you hear a siren. Your parents come up to you and tell you to begin to make your way to find a military escort to the Vault. After a few minutes two looters break in and kill your parents and siblings. Then, you leave your room and head into the chaotic streets of a war torn America.

As you walk down a road you are approached by a U.S. military soldier, he tells you to head to MIT with him and hands you a Colt 1911. Guns are classified by real-life name or the Fallout universe's name for it (N99 10mm pistol, etc.). You are acquainted with the game's shooting controls and movement controls.

After a few minutes of fighting looters and jumping over wrecked cars you arrive near MIT. The soldier leadfs you inside, this is when you get your first glimpses of the Institute and it's technology, finally you reach the bottom floor of the university and find a Vault door. The soldier points towards the controls and tells you he needs to evac some more people and to go inside. But at this moment a menu appears. This is the species menu. You are given the choices of Super Mutant, Ghoul, Human, or Intelligent Deathclaw. Then you are allowed to make your character look unique by changing the looks and hair. You may also add a scar. If you chose a Super Mutant you can make yourself a Nightkin for the benefit of 100 stealth, but making your intellgence impossible to raise above 8 due to your state. If you chose Intelligent Deathclaw, you may add hair. With ghouls you may add various degrees of rot onto your face. With humans you may choose a skin color.

And there's part one. Any ideas, suggestions, construct criticism and such is appreciated.