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   I never thought I'd MISS the Sierra Madre. Never thought I'd be a zombie either, so I guess I'm not the best at predicting. But that's enough about the subject of my guesswork. I guess if I'm to properly tell the story, I should start at square one. I was born in a place no one would ever even want to VISIT. Let alone start a family and have a child. 
   Well, I guess the most exciting part of my life pre-atomic wasteland was my brief service in the Royal Armoured Forces in 2060. I was stranded in Italy, it was a nice country at one point, I'm sure. But at the moment it was nothing more than Anarchy. I can almost perfectly recall it now.


    "DOMINO! Get your arse back in that bloody hole before I shoot you myself," my commanding officer shouted at me. I hurried back to the trench and grabbed a rifle off of my dead buddy. It wasn't one of the nice, state-of-the-art L85 rifles, but a dinged up Lee-Enfield the nation's been using for a good hundred years. I shot at some punk I never knew and probably would've liked had I gotten time to know him. But war didn't work that way. You killed who was on the other side. No doubts about it.

Normal Time

    I strolled down the desert roads of California, it was quite beautiful. Quiet, not much for miles. I wonder if all the planet was like this now. I hope so. I don't miss anyone that much. Except for Vera, but that door closed 200 years ago.