Okay, first off: why in the holy mother of hell is everyone leaving? So far I've counted Itachou, Yessie, and Gaurdian. Did I miss anyone? Please say no. I can;t get on chat, so I have no real contact with chat (which is pretty important to me, I'll get to that in a bit). This wiki split obviously is hurting the community. Whether it be people leaving from "lost interest" or fights, it shouldn't be happening at all. And why chat is so important to me: I would always coem home from a long day at school and go on Vault chat. It was my home away from home. Friends who I could be honest with, and who, for the most part, didn't judge me for my views like a lot of the simple minded ignorant assholes at school did. And I haven't been able to talk to them in almost a month because of the terrible Wikia chat system it runs on. Its too bad I don't know you guys in real life. I won't be leaving the Wiki, but I'll tell you this: it wouldn't make much of a difference if I did, because at the moment I can't really do a whole lot here other than comment on blogs and talk pages. Theres not much left to even edit! But if I have to thank anyone for those good time back when I was able to actually take part in them, it would be Jasper, Scarface, Neekpatterson, Yes-Man (too bad he left), BillyOcean, Valoopy, Nemesisx, Nicolle, and EB683. Thanks for being there, guys. You're good interwebz friends. Hopefully this family of ours can come back together one day, but soemthing inside me says thats wishful thinking. Well, thats my thoughts of the recent situation here. Hopefully chat will start behaving soon so I can rejoin the late night conversations. Until then, I'll stare at my computer angrily :)