I plan on creating a series centered around the dumbest comments I can find on Fallout related youtube videos. Enjoy!

1. The first idiotic comment I bring you is a simple one: "fall out sucks". How nice to spell the name right!

2. In response to a video about Van Buren: "this was on the ps2 it's part 2 of 2 it's called Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel"

3. In response to the same video as above "lol thank god they all got fired..."

4. Again, same video "to bad obsidian ruined fallout new vegas"

5. From someone who CLEARLY doesn't understand divergance "Am I like the only one who doesn't get the 1950s ish feel to everything about the fallout games.  It is supposed to be post 2077 but yet everything looks like it was from the 1950s"

6. A very sick person posted this: "Please go to the stripper club i wanna see if they are accualty naked! :) It would be fun to watch u get layed on fallout"

7. Bethesda haters are going to love these "This is just unarguably the best game ever created hands down..." and "Fallout 3 is so better then New vegas"

8. "Isn't anybody tired of games about shoot?... I am..." Didnt know "shoot" was a genre

9. After seeing the Vault 101 tunnel for the first time "Why is there a dead guy in the tunnel? Could he not get out or in?"

10. The last one comes from a user commenting on a Fallout 1 video. "Wow, I first beat this game a couple months ago, and this still feels nostalgic." I think you can figure out for yourself whats wrong with that.

see you tomorrow for more!


We have an eleventh now, which was submited by our very own Yef Patterson! It was a conversation between him and an idiot who thought the "Fallout 1 full ending video" said "Fallout 3". It goes as this: "#1 : FUCK YOU #2 : ITS FALLOUT 3 NOT FALLOUT 1 #3 : FAKE VIDEO #4 : YOU OWE ME 10 SECONDS OF MY LIFE BACK

"Read the title, it says fallout 1 not fallout 3 dipshit." yefpatterson 3 days ago

@yefpatterson "ohh i didnt know they had a fallout 1, do they have fallout 2 ?"