I changed the name to expand the immense amount comments I can use. Here comes the second installment of the new series, the first four are brought to us by the letter Jasper.

1. Someone clearly doesn't understand how Wild Wasteland works. "(im on the ps3 version so it might not do it for the xbox360), and the wild wasteland trait, you get some unique weapons, but you lose some unique weapons apparently "

2. "2 Weapons Avalible With Wild Wastlander = Alien Blaster and Holy Grenade (i think) And Without You Miss Out On The Better Gaus Cannon (i think its cannon it might be sumat else)"

3. "hard makes the gameplay harder" HERP A DERP

4. "i got a question, after fallout 3 why didnt they up their graphics? almost all of the fallout series look the same..." I hate Gamebryo too but... Fallout 3 and NV =/= whole series.

5. "yeah . . . . fallout new vegas was an expansion pack but everyone pretends it wasnt :/" someone doesnt understand what an expansion pack is, and SHOCKER it's this guy.

6. This is a special case, coming from our own live chat "I got stuck in the ant cave for two weeks in fallout, someone help?" Me: "Use the wiki -.-" him: "the wiki is retarded" me: "why are you here?"

7. This is a lengthy one from an anon here on the wiki who is very upset with Obsidian about a non-existant game for some reason: "I have been an addict of FO4. Whenever any DLC I would download it right after its release, play it nonstop until finished and then roam around the wasteland until bored.... until the next DLC would come out. Then repeat.

But, I am happy to say... I don't care anymore... I just don't fucking care about this game anymore... I don't want to look at the wasteland any longer... don't want to kill another badly rendered deathclaw using incendiary rounds in my anti-materiel rifle from my maxxed out character who I think is badass but isn't.

I can happily say... that I have no desire to give Obsidian any more of my limited money and limited time. Peace OUT."

8. "They redeemed them selves from delaying lonesome road, but they should have made those two other expansions free and a long essay about how sorry they are FOR BEING ASSHOLES AND DELAYING IT TILL SCHOOL STARTS DAMMIT. but they added old weapons AND A TRENCH COAT YESSSSSSS. i want to shake the hands of the guy who added that stuffs"

9. This is a little back a forth between a user and a very bitter anon. The user made a good point in saying “now watch how 3 patches will be released in a row, for fixing the GR's Arsenal's glitches and bugs. Just watch.” The anon got mad in typical anon style “Your a fuckin asshole, get a life you prick”

10. this one comes from the news post about the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC “I can see Ullysses! Right in front of the rocket/missile.” Anon states the obvious.

See you tomorrow (or later today because this one was late) for more!