This edition got delayed because of that hurricane, but I have another 10 comments for you all!

1. This person doesnt understand the controls of the game by the looks of it... "i probably sound like a noob saying this but how do you pick them up? also can you do it on xbox?"

2. This was on a video about the Mojave BoS: "Why were the devs so lazy as to put the F3 brotherhood helmets on FNV brotherhood armour? Just looks like they rushed it."

3. A comment on a video concerning the Legate known as Lanius: "im only level 13. hardcore mode. the bot got destroyed. no health or anything to aid me and only a thump-thump and sniper rifle. :( I keep dying!!" WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE RUSHED THE GAME, HMM?

4. A video about the One: "Its the nuclear bomb in megaton in Fallout 3.Good try to fool everybody but ive checked the whole map for a nuke and there is no nuke in NV.It's the same bomb,same crater,same position.And if im good,you are near Devil's throat,and there is no nuke there."

5. Kastera's polls really piss this anon off: "FUCK THIS IM GOIN TO PALY FALLOUT 3"

6. Fallout New Vegas weapon mod video: "Reminds me of Chernobyl..."

7. "agatha was just a slut" someone doesnt like a certain Fo:3 radio station...

8. Anon fails hard at RPGs on the Dead Money talk page: "The way the press release is worded, and obsidians insistence on an absolute ending, what are the odds this will be a new character?

9. Also from the DM talk page, "Ive been looking 4 a way to but is there or once you beat it you cant go back ??" What about "you are certain you will not be able to return" did this anon not understand?

10. Another simple one, but beautifully worded: "fallout 3 is the best fuck u tards"

Thats all for today.

10. "Boobs" - Luckmann