Nukapedia Anon/Newbie Test V. 1.2

Instructions: To pass this test, you must get at least a 50% rating, meaning you can answer at least half of the following questions correctly.

  • 1. Who are The Vault’s two founders?
  • 2. Name any three chat moderators, moderators, or administrators.
  • 3. Who is Mistress Pussy of the Sisterhood, whose wet tee is to be feared? (Hint: she’s a Wikia staff member)
  • 4. Give the first names of these users: Gothic Neko, Scarface11235, PipGirl, Victor the Securitron, Agent c, or Almighty Higgey.
  • 5. What is the code to add a signature to a page? (for example, a talk page or forum page)
  • 6. Why did this wiki split into two separate websites, one on Wiki and one on Curse, and in what month of what year? (The specific day is not required)
  • 7. Name at least two sock puppet accounts used by the troll known as Tezzla Cannon, besides his original Tezzla Cannon account.
  • 8. Name a figure of authority who has successfully been reconfirmed and as a consequence, demoted or stripped of their administrative rights.
  • 9. What network hosted The Vault before it moved to Wikia?
  • 10. What is NuclearAnomaly’s biggest fetish?

  • Note: please do not post answers in the comments. Any other kind of post is all right, but posting answers could lead to people cheating. And that is bad.