Victor the Securitron

aka tankboi

  • I live in New Jersey, United States
  • I was born on October 28
  • My occupation is Wiki editor and Fallout Wiki chat moderator, as well as chart moderator
  • I am A Securitron
  • Victor the Securitron

    Instructions: To pass this test, you must get at least a 50% rating, meaning you can answer at least half of the following questions correctly.

    • 1. Who are The Vault’s two founders?
    • 2. Name any three chat moderators, moderators, or administrators.
    • 3. Who is Mistress Pussy of the Sisterhood, whose wet tee is to be feared? (Hint: she’s a Wikia staff member)
    • 4. Give the first names of these users: Gothic Neko, Scarface11235, PipGirl, Victor the Securitron, Agent c, or Almighty Higgey.
    • 5. What is the code to add a signature to a page? (for example, a talk page or forum page)
    • 6. Why did this wiki split into two separate websites, one on Wiki and one on Curse, and in what month of what year? (The specific day is not required)
    • 7. Name at least two sock …

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  • Victor the Securitron

    Sorry I havent been around for two months or so now, but my laptop broke and my desk top still can't run chat, so I've been cut off. Oh well. Hope all you guys are good (if anyone reads this). Vickeh out.

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  • Victor the Securitron

    Okay, first off: why in the holy mother of hell is everyone leaving? So far I've counted Itachou, Yessie, and Gaurdian. Did I miss anyone? Please say no. I can;t get on chat, so I have no real contact with chat (which is pretty important to me, I'll get to that in a bit). This wiki split obviously is hurting the community. Whether it be people leaving from "lost interest" or fights, it shouldn't be happening at all. And why chat is so important to me: I would always coem home from a long day at school and go on Vault chat. It was my home away from home. Friends who I could be honest with, and who, for the most part, didn't judge me for my views like a lot of the simple minded ignorant assholes at school did. And I haven't been able to talk…

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  • Victor the Securitron

    This edition got delayed because of that hurricane, but I have another 10 comments for you all!

    1. This person doesnt understand the controls of the game by the looks of it... "i probably sound like a noob saying this but how do you pick them up? also can you do it on xbox?"

    2. This was on a video about the Mojave BoS: "Why were the devs so lazy as to put the F3 brotherhood helmets on FNV brotherhood armour? Just looks like they rushed it."

    3. A comment on a video concerning the Legate known as Lanius: "im only level 13. hardcore mode. the bot got destroyed. no health or anything to aid me and only a thump-thump and sniper rifle. :( I keep dying!!" WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE RUSHED THE GAME, HMM?

    4. A video about the One: "Its the nuclea…

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  • Victor the Securitron

    I changed the name to expand the immense amount comments I can use. Here comes the second installment of the new series, the first four are brought to us by the letter Jasper.

    1. Someone clearly doesn't understand how Wild Wasteland works. "(im on the ps3 version so it might not do it for the xbox360), and the wild wasteland trait, you get some unique weapons, but you lose some unique weapons apparently "

    2. "2 Weapons Avalible With Wild Wastlander = Alien Blaster and Holy Grenade (i think) And Without You Miss Out On The Better Gaus Cannon (i think its cannon it might be sumat else)"

    3. "hard makes the gameplay harder" HERP A DERP

    4. "i got a question, after fallout 3 why didnt they up their graphics? almost all of the fallout series look the…

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