Tonight im mainly trying to prepare my inventory for Zion. The only problem is i don't have many caps to buy supplies (blew em' all on getting my gear repaired to full condition) for the journey, so im doing some last minute jobs that don't require combat because i want all my gear in top condition and my ammo full, but that's beside the point, here's what im bringing

  • My Trusty sidearm, the 12.7 mm pistol with exactly 21 mags (147 Rounds)
  • A Sniper as my Primary weapon, with 20 mags (100 Rounds)
  • A Combat Knife
  • Reinforced Leather Armor
  • Authority Glasses
  • 25 Stimpaks
  • 5 Doctor's Bags
  • 5 Weapon Repair Kits
  • Oher Various Medical Supplies (Med-X, Rad-X, Rad-Away, etc.)
  • A few skill magazines (Those are always handy)

Let me know what you're bringing along for the "trip" (be realistic) and let me know if i should bring anything else, but don't suggest any guns because im already made my mind up about those